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Zocdoc lets millions of patients per month find providers, read verified reviews and health content, and instantly book appointments online. Patients can find the right provider for their needs based on insurance, specialty, location, and more. After viewing a provider's real-time availability, patients can book appointments and check-in online. The typical Zocdoc appointment takes place in under 24 hours—much faster than the US average 18+ day wait time. Zocdoc allows you to:

  • Empower patients by helping them find you and book appointments, 24/7
  • Reveal your hidden supply of appointments and increase access to care
  • Acquire new patients and build loyalty by offering premium convenience

Zocdoc offers a comprehensive package of services to help your practice succeed.

  • Online Scheduling: A robust profile with real-time scheduling allows patients to find you and instantly book appointments online.
  • Book Online Button: Adding this button to all of your online properties converts web traffic into appointments and provides a simple booking experience for new and existing patients.
  • Zocdoc Check-In: Patients can fill out paperwork online before their appointment, saving time at the office and increasing legibility.
  • Email and Text Reminders: Patients receive email and text appointment reminders, reducing no-shows and minimizing staff time spent on the phone.
  • Professional Photos: A professional photographer will take pictures of the providers, staff, and office to enhance your profile and attract more patients.

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