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Digital Check-in


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50+ practices use this product.

Say Goodbye to Kiosks, Tablets and Clipboards clogging your waiting room.

Yosi welcomes you to the 21st century waiting room with its pre-arrival, remote patient intake solution.

Re-imagine your waiting rooms without patient registration!

Today, everyone is able to check-in for flights before reaching the airport on their mobile phones. However when it comes to patient registration they still check-in at the office.

Introducing the first truly mobile, customizable pre-arrival, remote patient check-in solution for your medical office that is fully integrated with athenahealth.

What is Yosi?

Yosi is the next generation, pre-arrival, remote patient intake solution. Yosi streamlines your workflow by contacting patients ahead of their appointment to complete their registration. By removing patient registration from your waiting rooms, Yosi streamlines your staff workflow, improves patient satisfaction and generates significant ROI.

Save literally Thousands of Man/Woman hours.

Yosi’s fully integrated intake solution automates your staff workflow.

  • Automated Text/ email-based appointment confirmation and reminders reduce outbound calls by 70% and greater.
  • Eliminate transcribing hand-written forms with Yosi’s full integration with Athena clinicals, communicator and collector.
  • Eliminate scanning and attaching ID’s
  • Eliminate scanning and attaching Insurance Cards
  • Patients fully registered before they arrive eliminating time consuming front desk ambushes
  • Yosi provides an instant eligibility and benefits check before the patient arrives

How does Yosi demonstrate ROI?

  • Eliminates significant administrative tasks
  • 20% increase in patient side revenue via automated payment services
  • Reducing no shows by 45%
  • Reducing claim denial by 5% resulting in increased collection rate
  • Making your practice paperless resulting in reduction in paper and ink costs
  • A better patient experience resulting in better online reviews
  • Yosi is the most affordable solution on the market

Minimum negative impact on your current workflow!

  • Yosi is 100% customizable. We conform to your current policies and use your intake questions and forms.
  • No software installation necessary
  • No hardware installation / maintenance necessary
  • Yosi is fully white -labeled. It means better patient engagement.

Yosi platform is Stable, Private, Secure and Respects your Patients

  • Yosi does not show/display any pharma marketing ads
  • Yosi is 100% HIPAA compliant and secure.
  • HITRUST CSF certified
  • Yosi is fully cloud-based
  • We do not sell your patient data.

Contact us to learn how we have helped practices like yours and their patients.

“I have used Yosi for over 1 year and it's been wonderful. We switched from another check-in product (they are orange), and my patients have been happy and excited to see the iPads in the waiting room. The best part, however is that the patients can really check-in at home. Their ability to use OCR (optical character recognition) for the driver's license and insurance cards meaning not only do my billers have a picture of the insurance card and their true address, it is perfectly put into Athena. My MAs do not have to put in patient's pharmacy, they already do this. We actually use the information that the patient puts in prior to the visit. Lastly, it's customizable. We love it, it's worth it, and the founders are great to work with."

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