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Say Goodbye to contagious Clipboards, Kiosks and Tablets

Post Covid-19, waiting rooms will never be the same. You and your FD staff will require minimum patient interaction. Handling ID and insurance cards is risky. Waiting for patients to fill out multiple forms on overused clipboards, kiosks or tablets slows your office workflow and it is unsafe for both patients and staff. With Yosi, patients complete everything at home on their phone or computer – no apps to download, no portal registration, log-in or passwords.

Unlike other patient intake companies, pre-arrival has been our primary focus, not a recent ancillary solution. Yosi has been promoting social distancing well before COVID. By making it easy for patients to use Yosi, we deliver maximum efficiency for you.

Offer the same convenience and safety for your patients as getting boarding passes and check-in before we get to the airport!

Imagine an empty waiting room and a full patient schedule

Yosi’s registration and intake solution is FULLY customizable to your practice needs to support your clinical, operational and financial goals.

There is no separate dashboard for your FD staff to use/train to transfer patient data into athena. Our interface is direct, real-time and fully automated.

Truly Contact-Less and the Most Comprehensive Pre-Arrival Solution

Pre-arrival - Yosi offers easy access on all phone devices or laptops. No app to download, no log in to create. Unlike other registration solutions, Yosi dos not display pharma or life science ads for your patients.

Card Scan - Patients scan their ID and Insurance cards directly from their phone. Nothing for your staff to touch. These images are directly updated into the Quickview section.

Custom Intake - Intake & Registration tailored for each patient by appointment type, specialty, age, gender, scheduling provider, telehealth visit etc. COVID-19 pre-screening further reduce risk.

e-Sign and Consent Management - All consent forms, disclosure, privacy notices are dynamic and signed by patients electronically. Contagion and risk are reduced by eliminating e-sign pads, fax machines, scanners and printers and you can continue to use your existing forms.

Review of Symptoms & HPI - Patients complete their comprehensive ROS and HPI updates on Yosi relieving staff valuable time to gather this information from patient at the point of care.

Screening Assessments - GAD-7, PHQ 2/9, M-CHAT, Vanderbilt, Epstein, AUDIT and many other screening questionnaires are readily available to choose. More importantly, Yosi auto-scores and updates these questionnaires directly in athena. Automating the assessment workflow process optimizes revenue opportunities and reduces significant time for clinical and MA staff.

Increase Patient Side Payment Collection Rates

Enable patients to pay their co-pays, outstanding balances and sign the cc on file agreement before the visit, increasing collection rates by upto 20% and minimizing exposure for your staff and also allow patient to easily setup payment plans.

Increase Patient Access and Volume

Allow your patients to instantly book appointments from your website based on real-time availability, to maximize the schedule. With dynamic and automated reminders/confirmation system, you can reduce no-shows by upto 45%

Enhance Your Online Reputation

Great patient experiences lead to great reviews - Use Yosi to create the care experiences your patients will want to share; Yosi contacts patients after the visit and helps boost your social media profile and ratings.

Simple, Efficient and Quick Set up Process

You have a busy care center to run. So, our dedicated team helps implement Yosi easily and swiftly so you can focus on running your care centers and get the benefits immediately.

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