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Digital Check-in


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Today, everyone is able to check-in for flights before reaching the airport on their mobile phones. Yet, patients check-in using clipboards or kiosks at waiting rooms.

Introducing the first truly mobile, customizable pre-visit patient check-in solution for your medical office that is fully integrated with athenahealth.

Yosi is a digital at home, patient check-in and communication platform that streamline practice workflow and operations, increasing efficiencies and patient satisfaction. Patients complete all their paperwork prior to their visit.

As practicing physicians we believe getting your patients to complete their paperwork before their appointment ensures optimal workflow for your staff at the front desk. Yosi was developed out of the need to improve workflow in the front office. Yosi communicates with your patients via text and email to complete the paperwork before their appointment.

Further, Yosi acknowledges every clinic has a unique workflow and paperwork. Hence Yosi is 100% customizable - to conform to your workflow and practice operations. When patients’ check-in on Yosi, your clinic receives your own intake forms pre-filled with patient information. With a seamless integration with athena clinical, the intake forms are automatically uploaded as a ‘Clinical document’. All the patient data is presented to your staff for reconciliation to ensure 100% accuracy.

Key Features

  1. Pre-visit patient check-in
  2. Collect patient id and insurance card images
  3. 100% customizable intake
  4. Receive your own intake form pre-filled
  5. Card images and intake forms uploaded into Athena
  6. Text based appointment confirmation
  7. Collect copays and outstanding balances

Key Benefits

  1. Reduce outbound phone calls by 70%
  2. Reduce no-shows by 45%
  3. 50% patient complete check-in before arrival
  4. Make your office paperless
  5. Eliminate scanning card images and forms
  6. Improve claims accuracy with data transfer
  7. Increase patient side collection by 15%

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