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Digital Check-in


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Say Goodbye to Kiosks, Tablets and Clipboards clogging your waiting room.

Yosi welcomes you to the 21st century waiting room with its remote, pre-arrival, patient registration and intake solution.

Re-imagine your waiting rooms without patient registration, clipboards, kiosks etc!

Today, everyone is able to check-in for flights before reaching the airport on their mobile phones. However when it comes to patient registration, patients still check-in at the office using clipboards, expensive kiosks or clunky tablets.

What is Yosi?

Yosi removes patient registration from your waiting rooms - Yosi is the next generation, remote, pre-arrival, patient registration and intake solution. By getting patients to complete registration prior to their appointment, Yosi streamlines your staff workflow, improves patient satisfaction and generates significant ROI.

How is Yosi Better than other solutions?

At Yosi, we respect that your clinic has unique workflows and forms specific to your needs and requirements. Yosi’s registration and intake solution is FULLY customizable to your practice needs to support your clinical, operational and financial goals.

Yosi comes in two modules to meet your patient’s expectations.

  1. Smartphones and desktop/laptop for at-home registration
  2. iPad tablets for on-site registration

This results in greater waiting room efficiency, lower capital cost and happier patients.

Why do Athena customers rate Yosi highly?

Card Scan - Patients scan their ID, Insurance cards instead of your FD staff. These card images update the Patient’s Quickview section.

E-Signature - All your consent forms, disclosure, privacy notices are signed by patients electronically. No need for a separate e-sign pad. Custom intake workflow - Yosi offers multiple workflow, forms, questions based on various factors including but not limited to appointment types, specialty, age, gender, scheduling provider etc.

Document Management services - With Yosi, you receive a copy of your OWN forms updated directly into the admin/clinical section with patient’s signature.

Payment collection - Collect co-pays, outstanding balance and CC on file agreements using Yosi’s payment services either before the patients visit or during the visit.

Review of Systems - Collect a detailed ROS and clinical data from patients during registration. This saves significant time for your clinical and MA staff.

Screening Questionnaires - M-CHAT, Vanderbilt, PHQ-9, Epstein and other screening questionnaires are readily available to choose. More importantly, Yosi auto-scores these questionnaires and the appropriate template in Athena is updated.

White labeled & Branding - Yosi comes fully white-labeled and branded for your clinic with NO pharma marketing ads like other solutions.

How much time does it take to set up?

It typically takes two to four weeks to be fully set up, trained and go-live. Please see our implementation overview on the Additional Resources section on the left menu.

Contact us to learn why Athena customers are switching to Yosi from others solutions.

“I have used Yosi for over 1 year and it's been wonderful. We switched from another check-in product (they are orange), and my patients have been happy and excited to see the iPads in the waiting room. The best part, however is that the patients can really check-in at home.

Their ability to use OCR (optical character recognition) for the driver's license and insurance cards meaning not only do my billers have a picture of the insurance card and their true address, it is perfectly put into Athena. My MAs do not have to put in patient's pharmacy, they already do this.

We actually use the information that the patient puts in prior to the visit. Lastly, it's customizable.

We love it, it's worth it, and the founders are great to work with."

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