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Remote Patient Monitoring

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XIAhealth® provides the leading Remote Patient Monitoring, Patient Engagement and Care Management solution supporting Direct Primary Care and other value-based practices. Achieve superior outcomes, increase patient engagement and efficiently remotely monitor patients through actionable dashboards.

The XIAhealth® application is fully integrated with athenaNet, syncs tracking devices, a patient-facing mobile app and intuitive provider and care management dashboards to inspire real change in patient behavior, and ultimately improved outcomes.

Patient data captured through remote patient monitoring and other patient generated health data are summarized into an actionable and intuitive “Prioritized Patient” list within the AthenaNet Inbox. Clients gain efficiency by being alerted to patients needing their attention while being able to passively remotely monitor their entire patient population. Additional client benefits include:

• Achieving superior health outcomes with chronic and other rising risk patient populations

• Provides care teams with deeper insights and meaningful data on their patients

• Service response process (help/resource center process)

• Actionable remote patient monitoring - not data dumps!

• Facilitates and enables physician and care team workflows

• Supports multiple care team models

• Provides rich reporting and a proven measure of patient engagement

Key Outcomes achieved:

• 100% patient retention on the platform after 9 months

• 75% of XIAhealth® users are “highly engaged” (interacting with the platform at least once per day)

• 90% of patients achieve their health goals 6-9 months after starting on the platform

• Significant improvements in key health outcomes:

– 7.6% average weight loss

– 9.2% average activity increase

Key Product Features:

• Patient-specific care planning and health goal tracking linked directly to patient app

• Remote patient monitoring with multiple device and Apple Health kit integrations

• Care management solution for care teams bring patient generated health data into actionable dashboards

• Robust content library to deliver education and motivational micro-content to patients

• Research-driven patient engagement solutions built into the patient-facing application

Remote Patient Monitoring, Population Health Management, Care Plan Management, Chronic Care Management, Telehealth
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