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Withings Health Solutions

Withings Health Solutions

Remote Patient Monitoring


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Capabilities: Remote Patient Monitoring

Withings RPM is the RPM solution that is so simple that it requires no effort for your teams and your patients, while maximizing patient compliance. Capitalizing on Withings 13-year of experience in designing seamless experiences for consumers, Withings RPM is the all-in-one solution to bridge the gap between patients and providers. Directly through your existing environment, without changing your current workflow you will be able to:

● Place standard orders in Athena to enroll your patient and ship pre-configured devices to their doorstep.

● Data sync: readings captured are automatically synced with the patient's chart in your EHR system.

● Alerts management: alerts are transmitted to your EHR and assigned to a provider.

● Billing: billing charges are created in the EHR and documented

Key benefits

● Real-time monitoring

● Effortless onboarding

● Automatic time tracking and documented billing reports

● Maximized patient engagement

● No bluetooth, no wifi, no smartphone or no account required from your patients

● At-home delivery

● Proactive phone support for patients

● Patient-care team communication features

How it works

  1. The care team orders Withings devices within Athena, and Withings dropships to patient

  2. Patient unboxes their cellular devices. No bluetooth, no wifi, no smartphone nor account is required

  3. Patient health data are available in your EHRs via a HIPAA compliant feature as soon as they are being taken

  4. Billing charges are then created in Athena and documented.

Remotely monitor a range of chronic conditions

Withings RPM allows you to monitor a range of chronic conditions from diabetes to hypertension thanks to a complete ecosystem of cellular-connected devices including a smart scale, a smart blood pressure monitor, a glucometer, a sleep tracking mat, and a thermometer.

A maximized patient engagement

Withings RPM comes with an AI-powered digital assistant that allows them to visualize their measurements history, progress, measurements objective, and get educational content. Login is simple and doesn't require any signup or app download from the patient.

Optimized billing

Time spent taking care of your patients is automatically documented to streamline claim creation. Thus, Withings RPM provides you with a reliable audit log for RPM. Our solution supports the 4 RPM CPT codes to generate a new revenue stream for your organization:

● 99453 - initial set-up

● 99454 - 16 days of Remote monitoring of physiologic parameters

● 99457 - Remote physiologic monitoring treatment management services, 20 minutes or more of clinical staff/physician/other qualified healthcare professional time

● 99458 - Remote physiologic monitoring treatment management services, clinical staff/physician/other qualified health care professional time in a calendar month requiring interactive communication with the patient/caregiver during the month; additional 20 minutes

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