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WELL Messenger

WELL Messenger

Patient Communications


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1 - 10 practices use this product.

WELL transforms the care experience by enabling a communication method your practice has never had before.

Our texting application is synchronized with athenaNet® so you can deliver automated messages based on actions taken in the EMR.

Patients receive text messages on their existing apps, and from your existing office phone number. There’s nothing to download, so an initial automated message quickly becomes the gateway to two-way conversation between patients and your front desk, call center, registration and/or clinic staff via text message; completely circumventing a phone call.

For every situation where you might ordinarily place a call, WELL becomes a much more effective method for getting in touch with your patients. Examples include appointment reminders, bulk outreach for preventative care or inclement weather, paperwork distribution ahead of a visit, bill pay, portal enrollment and much more.

The application supports complex organizational structures, such as hundreds of locations, multi-specialty, and even customization at the event and resource level. Workflow is unchanged – your staff just finally has access to the communication tool they’ve been waiting for.

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