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Well iQ

Well iQ

Patient Surveys

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Capabilities: Patient Surveys

Well iQ is the survey platform that you have been looking for! As healthcare becomes more consumerized, and patients have easy access to information and low switching costs, getting tangible feedback on the patient experience, and improving your public review site ratings has never been more important to compete and thrive as a practice. But getting consistent and useful feedback can be daunting, cumbersome, and costly. How often do you request it? Is the process manual? Are the surveys tailored to the patient’s specific experience? How do you assign staff to responding to feedback? There is a way to automate this process – Well iQ.

The Well iQ patient survey platform answers all those questions and is fully integrated with athenahealth to automatically send surveys in real- time to patients receiving care. Data is captured in a robust administrative dashboard and the high-level survey results are put back into the patient record- making it easy to be proactive to your patients’ needs. The interface is simple to setup, and with no disruption to your practice, can be implemented in as little as one week.

The surveys are easy to complete for the patient and provide you with feedback on organizational, departmental and staff level performance. The administrative dashboard provides extensive monitoring and reporting capabilities- as well as real-time service recovery opportunities. In addition to encouraging patients to leave public reviews after completing the survey, we also provide the practice tools to help manage and respond to those reviews, which is an important step in reputation management. The Well iQ solution helps you drive profits for your practice by:

• Improving Patient Satisfaction

• Increasing Your Google Ratings & Reviews

• Driving Employee Retention

• Maximizing Reimbursement Opportunities

The onboarding process is easy to complete and facilitates the adding of staff, departments, and locations. We then use athenahealth appointment codes to determine what surveys get launched at each location, as well as when and how often surveys are sent. Surveys are then generated automatically, and all survey data is captured in the Well iQ administrative dashboard. Finally, survey results can be put back into the patient record.

Results we have provided for our clients:

• 25-30% survey open rates

• >95% survey completion rates

• ~15% of our surveys result in a public 5-star review

• 98% positive reviews

• Average patient satisfaction ratings of 4.8 out of 5

• >300% increase in overall and 5-star Google reviews

• Increased employee engagement by providing data used to recognize and reward performance, reducing the hard and soft costs of employee turnover

• Maximized MIPS points for Improvement Activities as well as PCMH Requirements

Our solution accomplishes these results by making the surveys simple and the data useful. Instead of typical surveys that use radio buttons and cascading questions, we use pictures and names, which make it easier for patients to remember who impacted their experience. For patients to provide feedback, we use behavioral endorsement badges, instead of questions. This reduces survey fatigue and ensures high completion rates. The entire survey process can be incentivized, and the entire experience is seamless and easy for the user. Contact us at info@welliq.org for a demo and price quote. Start delivering quantifiable profits and enhanced patient experience with the Well iQ patient feedback solution now!

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