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Visual Clinic – Lean Workflow Software

Visual Clinic – Lean Workflow Software

Patient Flow

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Visual Clinic is lean workflow software that actively synchronizes patients’ direct care needs with available staff resources to reduce wait times and improve capacity and productivity. Visual management displays, smart patient queuing, and staff alerts ensure everyone knows where to be and what to do to at all times. Real-time dashboards and robust analytics elevate practice performance and drive team based process improvement.

  • Enhance staff and provider communication and teamwork with regard to patient hand-offs and readiness status for the next patient step.
  • Improve the patient/family experience by consistently meeting the target transit times.
  • Optimize provider schedules using our comprehensive process flow data and analysis tools.

Client practices can see more patients with less stress. Staff and providers have shared that their practice is calmer.

Visual Clinic conducts a workflow discovery step to understand and map the practice workflows from patient arrival to check-out. We then uncover the key information that staff members and providers need, or need to share, at each patient care step and hand-off. We then build visual management screens that exactly match your workflow. These intuitive, simple to use screens provide the means for instantaneous communication about every important aspect of the patient experience, staff and provider resources and overall clinic effectiveness.

Business analytics are generated for every staff and provider patient encounter. Analytical data pinpoints areas for process improvement. Visual Clinic is browser-based. This enables managers to easily monitor operations and review data from satellite practice locations in real-time.

Patient Flow, Scheduling, Population Health Management
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