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Reporting and Analytics

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Aggregate massive amounts of data VisAnalytics provides a visual method of discerning very large amounts of data without the need for time-consuming manual data processing and analysis. This data can be sorted, filtered and grouped, and any variation of the data can be saved for the ease of future use. Data can be exported in a variety of formats including as a pdf document, an excel document, a word document and more.

Monitor and Stratify Patient Populations Our proprietary clinical and financial rules engines compile hundreds of measures and key performance indicators against your data allowing you to quickly stratify patient populations and derive your organization's financial health at the click of a button.

Align Your Strategy with Tactics VisAnalytics provides a framework in which to align strategic vision with day-to-day tactical operations; helping organizations maintain PCMH recognition and report accurate, timely, UDS Data. This solution also includes business intelligence for clinical quality measures, revenue cycle management and HEDIS reporting. Subscriptions can be set for a report so that the report will automatically run and be delivered at any interval of your choosing.

Promote widespread goal-driven culture The complete adoption of a dashboard solution helps to promote a goal-driven culture by helping to align and support strategy and tactics.

Cost-Effective and Easy to Use The cloud-based architecture of VisAnalytics removes the overhead and common costs of a conventional data warehouse. Our engineers also make the platform easy to use by cleansing, organizing and maintaining your data. The interface is user-friendly, and reports can be updated to the newest version with just one click.


Clinical Dashboards VisAnalytics clinical dashboards are powered by a proprietary clinical rules engine that is built on industry standards such as NQF and CMS, helping organizations monitor and report on patient populations from an organizational level down to a patient level.

Productivity An organization’s ability to maintain peak performance can be aided by data analysis that identifies gaps in patient care as well as provider availability. When combined these 2 data points provide critical insight into receiving the greatest return on your investment. VisAnalytics provides the insight that helps organizations traverse complex schedules while addressing patient care gaps and right-sizing patient panels.

Financial Dashboards Delivery systems are moving from a fee-for-service environment to value-based care, proceeding on the same course is not an option for Healthcare Organizations. Reducing healthcare costs is a major driving force in bundled payments and accountable care organizations. Each delivery model is built on the premise of reducing revenue per patient. Quality Assurance teams coupled with VisAnalytics reduce costs by helping your organization reduce inefficiencies and increasing productivity, leading to lowering cost trends as the revenue trend flattens.


Federally Qualified Health Centers Patient-Centered Medical Homes Community Health Centers Primary Care Pediatrics Internal Medicine Chronic Care Management Urgent Care Multi-Specialty OB/GYN Behavioral Health Family Practice

Reporting and Analytics
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