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Virtual CIO by GeauxTech

Virtual CIO by GeauxTech

Information Technology

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Not everyone can afford to employ an entire IT department, however necessary it may be. The solution to that problem is the Virtual CIO service from GeauxTech Information. We offer our technical expertise on an “as-you-need-it” basis which allows companies to employ minimal to zero onsite IT personnel. In-depth help from a “Team” environment is just a phone call away. 24 X 7 Tech support give you the coverage and peace of mind at a price you can afford.

  • IT Strategic Planning
  • Virtual CIO service
  • Infrastructure Modernization and Remote Tech Support

We are focused on and committed to helping rural healthcare facilities establish and maintain an information technology environment that supports their operational goals and empowers the staff to make precise and accelerated decisions in the ever changing word of electronic healthcare.

How it works:

24x7 Support

  • Standard 24x7 remote support (email or phone) to handle any IT-related issues or questions
  • “Level 2” Technicians can be onsite for a daily rate to help troubleshoot any issues

Network Optimization

  • GeauxTech can conduct Risk Assessments to help you identify the risks you face as well as help with risk mitigation planning
  • GeauxTech can help design your network as well as build the actual infrastructure


  • The Virtual CIO service is available to help you plan and strategize your IT needs

Information Technology
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