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VaxCount by TransactRx

VaxCount by TransactRx

Inventory Management

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Vaccine inventory management has unique requirements that without the right system can leave your practice with too few or too many doses of a particular product.

VaxCount was designed specifically for managing doses of vaccines to help make sure you have the right products for your patients when you need them including your VFC patients.

Order, Receive and Dispense vaccines with the confidence that every dose is accounted for and inventory levels are tracked against your desired minimum and maximum levels.

  • Vaccine doses administered in athenaClinicals® are automatically removed at a lot level from VaxCount inventory in real time.
  • Support for multiple inventories including Vaccine For Children (VFC)
  • 2D Bar Code Scanning ensures accurate recording of lot numbers and expiration dates.

VaxCount, by TransactRx, is a full featured inventory management system that was designed from the ground up specifically for vaccines. The system manages the ordering, receiving, dispensing and adjusting of dose counts for any vaccine across multiple locations with full support for the Vaccine For Children (VFC) program.

  • VaxCount Inventory Locations are mapped to athenaClinicals for certain departments within a Practice.
  • Each Inventory Location tracks Private and VFC inventory separately.
  • VaxCount comes preconfigured with a formulary of all current vaccine products from all manufacturers. Each Inventory Location can customize this formulary for just the products that are used at that location. Â New products and packaging are added automatically to the system.
  • Minimum and Maximum levels can be setup for each product at each location with separate levels for private and VFC inventory.
  • Products are received using 2D barcode scanning to reduce entry errors of lot numbers and expiration dates. Scanning is supported for outer packaging or individual inner packaging of single dose vials, multi-dose vials or syringes.
  • Vaccine orders are entered in athenaClinicals as usual. As the vaccines are administered and the order signed a real time transaction is sent to VaxCount with the vaccine product, lot number and patient information. The dose is decremented from the appropriate product and lot number and documented with the date and time, patient name and provider name for future reference.
  • Vaccine levels are easily monitored against established minimums and products with low levels can be reordered at preset preferred quantities with a few clicks.
  • VaxCount alerts users to any inventory items falling below minimum levels to help ensure that vaccines are on hand when they are needed.

TransactRx is a healthcare technology services provider that offers vaccine related technology and reimbursement services to physicians and other health care providers on a national basis. In addition to VaxCount, TransactRx’s service offerings include the Part D Vaccine Manager program which helps physicians be reimbursed for administering Part D covered vaccines and Comprehensive Immunization Billing Services for all vaccines to all payers including Medicare, Medicaid and VFC payers.

Inventory Management
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