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Inventory Management


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VaxCare is an innovation company focused on transforming the vaccine marketplace by giving providers a better way to vaccinate.

Among our solutions is the VaxHub, a proprietary tablet with built-in barcode scanner and custom vaccine management software. With the VaxHub, every time a dose is dispensed to a patient using the barcode scanner—your inventory is automatically updated, billing for the vaccine is put into the queue, and par levels are assessed for potential orders. When you enroll, we scan your vaccines into the VaxHub, calculate the value, and send you a check. With no ongoing vaccine cost to your practice, VaxCare is able to automate your replenishment to ensure you never run out.

With VaxCare:

  • Vaccine data is automatically captured and pushed to athenaNet®
  • You gain real-time visibility into inventory levels and usage
  • The ongoing cost of purchasing vaccines is eliminated
  • Billing is effortless with automated adjudication and electronic payment

Dispensing vaccine and administering to patients:

  • VaxCare’s proprietary VaxHub tablet sits next to your vaccine refrigerator, and receives real-time physician orders from athenaNet. When you take vaccine from the refrigerator to administer to a patient, you scan the vaccine out using the VaxHub. The VaxHub provides a real-time check of right patient/right dose, sends the vaccine information to athenaNet, and automatically decrements inventory.

Managing and replenishing inventory:

  • The VaxHub displays real-time inventory on-hand by product, and tracks Private and VFC stock separately.
  • When private stock is running low, vaccines are automatically reordered based on your contracts and product preferences. VaxCare has integrations with all vaccine manufacturers so that we can automatically transmit the order and provide you tracking information so you know when your vaccine will arrive. When vaccines arrive to your office, the VaxHub receives the shipping information and automatically updates inventory levels to account for the new product shipment.
  • VaxCare will finance your vaccine purchases and purchase your vaccine ongoing, allowing you to reinvest in your practice.
  • Currently offered in: FL, GA, SC, Al, PA, NY, OH, IN, KY, IL, MO, KS, OK, TX & CO. Expanding to additional states soon

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