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UrgiChart by Edaris Health

UrgiChart by Edaris Health

Specialized EHRs

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UrgiChart™ helps capture, prioritize, and document patient care in the urgent care setting. With fast and intuitive charting that flows according to the logic of unscheduled care, UrgiChart frees up focus for patients, streamlines clinical decision making, and improves charge capture. UrgiChart’s unique ChartStarters™ enable comprehensive documentation in minimal time. Easily summarizing the most complex patient information, the overview screen provides a one-page synopsis of the patient’s current state and integrates with a range of billing, practice management, and lab systems.

  • Enables efficient documentation and effective care
  • Avoids closing concerns with innovative ChartStarters
  • Helps increase revenue with accurate charge capture

UrgiChart enables efficient management of concurrent patients and improves patient throughput. Innovative ChartStarters enable complete, safe documentation while maximizing provider productivity and avoiding the cloning risks associated with chief complaint templates. Embedded quality decision tools and procedure documentation provides better reimbursement justification to reduce risk and accurately optimize charge capture. Provider variance is reduced with tools that highlight individual productivity, utilization, and clinical choices. Dashboards highlighting KPI’s are designed to drive provider improvement and department change.

UrgiChart provides the urgent care provider with:

  • Intuitive user interface, which enables use with 15 minutes of training
  • Customized documentation
  • For simple cases, complete documentation in under a minute
  • For complex cases, complete charts that have minimal impact on provider productivity
  • Embedded decision support and quality measures reduce risk and provide reimbursement justification
  • Chart management functionality supports timely completion of all charts
  • Inbound notification and outbound communication to PCPs promote increased referrals from community providers
  • Track and report use by physician and diagnostic groupings
  • Cloud-based SaaS solution, with no servers or licenses required
  • Accessible with a web browser from any device location
  • Industry standard interfaces (such as HL7, XML, JSON) are available to meet interoperability needs
  • ICD-10 ready
  • Performance Analytical Tools to better understand Patient, Diagnosis and Provider Trending

UrgiChart allows users to customize chart macros that capture frequently occurring clinical scenarios. Chart fields are auto-populated with information that is typical of specific medical situations, such as ankle sprains or ear infections, which can then be edited to reflect the case at hand.

Charting is integrated into the UrgiChart workflow, as are ICD-9 and ICD-10 diagnosis codes. Visit summaries are automatically sent to the patient’s primary care provider, who can then provide referrals to specialists. Communication with patients and follow-ups are recorded and tracked. UrgiChart can also be integrated with existing practice management systems. UrgiChart can be accessed on desktop and mobile devices.

Rooted in our deep expertise developing Emergency Care EMRs that are used by high-volume hospital-based and freestanding Emergency Departments, UrgiChart provides a proven, intuitive approach that enables clinicians to spend more time with patients, and less time on paperwork. UrgiChart will transform every facet of your practice.

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