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Tonic Health

Tonic Health

Digital Check-in

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Tonic Health solutions help Athena customers to collect more patient data and patient payments in an engaging and intuitive manner. With our digital survey and payments platform, we provide a seamless way for patients to fill out any survey, sign any consent form, and make any payment when and where it's most convenient. With Tonic, you can see more patients, reduce labor costs, collect more payments, and ease clinician and staff burden. Other benefits realized from our clients are:

Better Patient Data – utilizing Tonic’s fun, intuitive, and engaging Question Methodology, patients are more willing to engage with your organization and provide better data

Improve Payment Collections – Tonic’s integration with AthenaCollector enables your organization to collect CoPay and Past Balance due from the patient within the same workflow they’re already engaged in

Embracing Mobility – Utilizing iPads, your organization can free patients from the impersonal, clunky kiosks in order to provide information

Engage with all patient populations – Ask questions that are intuitive to the patient, are in their language, and use colors and iconography to ensure complete and accurate data

Take Control of Forms – Quickly and easily build, manage, and deliver surveys to your patients – don’t wait days, weeks, or longer for turnaround on updates or questionnaires to be built

As a MDP Partner of AthenaHealth, we are easy to work with, boast a reasonable price point and provide seamless integration. Let us help you provide the intake experience your patients expect and your bottom line appreciates.

Digital Check-in, Patient Screeners, Patient Surveys
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