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TimeDoc CCM – Software and Services

TimeDoc CCM – Software and Services

Chronic Care Management

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1 - 10 practices use this product.

Most practices starting Medicare's Chronic Care Management (CCM) program believe they are stuck in between two options:

  • Option 1: Leveraging their own internal staff to service patients using some solution to track CCM time. This approach doesn’t scale to your hundreds or thousands of eligible patients unless you hire and manage a team of dedicated CCM Care Managers.
  • Option 2: Outsourcing the services to a 3rd party vendor who runs a siloed call center. This approach doesn’t help the practice get credit for the CCM services its providers and staff are already providing, and it doesn’t give the practice the flexibility to take on more of the CCM services on their own, over time.

TimeDoc offers a 3rd and better option that we call the Hybrid Model.

The Hybrid Model

TimeDoc's Hybrid Model is the most unique and popular CCM model on the market because it's a customizable offering that combines a software module to capture the CCM work you’re already doing with dedicated Care Managers to provide CCM services to patients you don’t have time to reach.

Providers and practice staff can see who is enrolled in the program and quickly document CCM time spent on routine coordination from within the patient chart in Athena thanks to TimeDoc’s integrated module. Capturing this time helps the practice get paid for work it’s already doing but isn’t enough to provide the CCM service to the hundreds or thousands of qualifying patients that most practices treat.

To help reach the patients the practice team can’t, TimeDoc staffs dedicated Nurse Care Managers who provide quality CCM services to the remaining patients each month. Their care plans and encounter notes are documented and published into the patient chart in Athena to ensure collaboration and communication with the provider team.

Practices have the option to purchase the integrated TimeDoc software module on its own if they wish, but the combination of software and services (aka the Hybrid Model) is the most popular offering. Here are the highlights:


  • Your practice controls the CCM program because your providers and staff can document as much of the CCM time for each patient as they wish, with the assurance that TimeDoc Care Managers will fill in the gaps for any patients you weren’t able to reach.
  • Sliding pricing per patient depending on how much of the 20 minutes your staff completed vs ours. Hybrid practices keep 20% more profit than fully outsourced practices.
  • TimeDoc trains your clinical staff on how to provide care coordination.


  • One Care Manager assigned per patient, and Care Managers follow your clinical protocols.
  • Strong patient enrollment & retention – the vast majority of the patients we speak with choose to participate in the program and over 90% of them stay in the program year over year.
  • Consistent patient engagement – with the support of our care managers, you can feel confident that 80-85% of enrolled patients will receive care coordination services each month.


  • Focused solely on CCM since 2015 when the program came out. CCM is our core competency.
  • Tens of thousands of CCM-enrolled patients under management.
  • Customer Success Specialist assigned to your practice post-implementation to monitor the program and ensure success.

TimeDoc Tech Features:

  • Simple time tracking from the patient chart in Athena
  • Automated care plan templates tied to active problems and medications
  • Daily productivity and compliance reports sent to management
  • Billing charges posted automatically

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