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Test Appropriate™ Clinical Decision Support Mechanism

Test Appropriate™ Clinical Decision Support Mechanism

Clinical Decision Support

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Quickly navigate interactive versions of appropriate use criteria (AUC) from leading medical societies related to expensive tests and procedures.

Appropriateness and cost data are presented to address both over and under-utilization, encourage cost control in the face of new ACO and CMS bundled payment models, and comply with upcoming CMS rules requiring consultation of AUC from approved devices (January 1, 2018).

The quick proactive review eliminates alert fatigue from missing patient information, promotes learning, and provides multiple test options with cost and facilities information.

Users can complete an AUC consultation by importing a clinical document or having the order with supporting documentation placed directly into athenahealth to improve efficiency.

  • Chose which criteria to include and click applicable patient conditions to see the appropriateness, costs and other guidance associated with available tests and procedures. A “clinical document” of the interaction is automatically imported back into the patient record upon completion, or simply click to have the order entered.
  • Includes supporting information and guidance helpful in accurately addressing the criteria. Your custom protocols can also be included.
  • Customize the cost data by the patient’s payer plan and include all applicable “in-network” test facilities by test selected to reduce leakage. Setup fee may apply.

During a patent visit select the Test Appropriate link anytime from within AthenaNet®. The criteria you’ve chosen to use at set up will appear. Simply answer what best describes your patient and consult supporting information if needed. Select from the test or procedures presented after reviewing appropriateness, cost, and other information your organization may have included. Select test options and/or an available test facility if set up. Click to either add documentation of the encounter or to directly enter the order with documentation. Use our mobile friendly web tool anytime outside of athenahealth to explore the criteria, review your activity or print any particular proof of consultation.

The patent information needed to accurately and completely answer the criteria seldom exists in a consistent or extractible manner such that it can be used to answer the criteria questions for you and reduce alert fatigue. Furthermore, our approach allows for selecting among available appropriate tests and procedures along with the additional information you want to consider, and avoids notification of inappropriateness after the order has already been selected.

Clinical Decision Support, Patient Education, Quality Management / Performance
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