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T-System RevCycle+®

T-System RevCycle+®


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With a focus on quality and compliance, T-System's RevCycle+ charge capture and coding solution is designed to help you recognize the revenue you've earned based on the care that you've provided. There are a wide range of resources that are utilized during a care encounter from the time a patient presents to the time they are dispositioned, and RevCycle+ accurately accounts for the entire care process to ensure you are reimbursed appropriately.

  • Proprietary technology supported by a highly qualified and credentialed quality team that reviews charts for education and continuous improvement
  • Intervention-based approach drives a holistic view of the care encounter and codes patients at the appropriate level based on the resources expended 
  • Defensible methodology based on CMS standards that includes detailed reports to support all selected codes

Quality Service: RevCycle+'s team, led by clinically-trained, American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) and American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) credentialed professionals, leverages our advanced coding technology to accurately value the resources utilized in a care encounter. Providers will experience a high level of service and support, with a guaranteed accuracy level of 95%.

Optimal Reimbursement: RevCycle+ provides the option to use either the 1995 or 1997 CMS guidelines in order to optimize reimbursement for professional charging. 

Robust Reporting: RevCycle+'s charges are backed by reports that support all coded charts. We provide a variety of provider-specific reports including provider deficiency, level of service summary and RVU's that can be leveraged for education and training.

Improved Compliance: RevCycle+'s advanced coding technology aids in clean charge capture with applicable modifiers. Our ICD-10 ready encoder utilizes natural language processing for accurate, complete ICD-10 code generation.

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