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SyncTimes Patient Experience Platform

SyncTimes Patient Experience Platform

Patient Flow / Waitlist Management

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Capabilities: Patient Flow / Waitlist Management

SyncTimes helps health care organizations improve patient workflow through beacon-based infrared (IR) locating/visibility, touch-screen/icon based communication, and comprehensive analytics to measure and improve.

Locate, Communicate, Illuminate

Real Time Locating:

No manual logging required Staff wear a small beacon on their ID badge, and their location is updated in real-time. Locating happens passively, without any need to manually scan or write down patient visit times.

Simple searching for staff & equipment Rather than wandering halls, staff can find team members or equipment type through a search bar available on their desktop.

Fewer interruptions to care Tablets outside each room show which staff & equipment are in the room with the patient. This reduces interruptions to patient care and saves precious time for care teams.

Accurate resource utilization analytics Accurately logging staff and equipment locations enables operations to analyze utilization of staff, equipment, and rooms.

Clinical Workflows:

Customized icons indicating next steps Your SyncTimes Coach will help your implementation team define a custom set of visual icons to align with existing workflows. This icon set can easily be customized as your team migrates additional workflows into SyncTimes.

Flexible automation to adapt to your flow Icons can be activated automatically for a patient's arrival, departure, and after the passing of time. They can also be deactivated automatically when a specific user type enters or exits the room.

Audible & customized alerts Each icon is configured to trigger a specific alert. Some icons may play a sound in a nurse station, a code icon may trigger a code blue intercom call, and others may require a text sent to an integrated behavioral health provider.

Patient nurse calling, surveys When the patients are alone in the room, they can trigger a nurse call, respond to a survey, or view patient education on the tablet in the room.

Workflow Analytics:

More than door-to-door cycle times Most EHRs give a cycle time, but leave leadership wondering how that time is spent. SyncTimes lets you see how patients spend their time and where the roadblocks are to improved flow. Then, it allows you to benchmark and improve in custom key performance indicators.

Exam room & other resource utilization Utilization of exam rooms, staff, and equipment is easily visualized in SyncTimes analytics through automated real-time locating and clinical workflows.

Better informed scheduling Schedule templates have historically been made designed on educated guesses. SyncTimes allows operations to know how long visits of different types really take. They can easily see where providers are busiest, allowing for improved scheduling.

Patient feedback correlated to wait times SyncTimes gives your team the ability to see how wait times correlate with patient feedback provided at the point of care.

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