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Surgery Coordination


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RESCHEDULE WITH SURGIMATE The backlog of surgeries that awaits schedulers due to COVID-19 is extensive and overwhelming. Surgimate has added functionality to prioritize surgeries, in order to expedite the rescheduling process. Staff can rank surgeries according to a handful of key factors and then filter & sort surgeries using the ranking of these factors. Surgimate will also render a 'calculated priority' based on the ranking of each factor.

Track and manage your surgical workflow from one platform. Surgimate automates every step of the surgical scheduling process, enabling your surgical practice to operate more efficiently and profitably. Connect your team across multiple locations through a single workflow. Whether you are a single surgeon practice, a 100 surgeon practice or something in between, Surgimate is built to handle your scheduling needs.

With over ten years servicing the industry, Surgimate has:

  • 1000+ providers in 34 states
  • Scheduled 1m+ surgeries
  • Used across 10+ surgical specialties Each core feature is built to simplify your scheduling needs and complement your athenahealth product:

Surgical Calendar- Using a color-coded system to help you manage multiple schedules simultaneously, surgeries are easy to identify and organize.

  • Establish transparency across the practice with a single shared calendar
  • Maximize block time by easily filling empty slots
  • Give surgeons instance access to their schedules for better communication
  • Auto sync surgical information from athenahealth into the Surgimate calendar

Task Tracker - Electronic checklists help you track clearances and authorizations, follow up with patients undecided about surgery, and select the best candidates to fill empty slots.

  • Reduce cancellations with centralized electronic tracking
  • Increase surgical volume with better follow-up
  • Improve task management through a single overview

Performance Reports - Run reports showing the number of surgeries by surgeon, facility, scheduler, body part or CPT code over any given time frame. Create custom reports to answer the questions your practice has, to keep it running efficiently.

  • Make smarter, better-informed decisions
  • Identify new revenue opportunities
  • Pinpoint harmful trends before they strike your business

Form Generator - Load surgical details in seconds with customized templates, then print the forms you need at any time with all fields populated – including patient data, insurance information, and surgical details.

  • Avoid double entry through athenahealth integration
  • Eliminate all manual paperwork
  • Improve back-office efficiency
  • Reduce human error and oversight

Surgimate App - Give your surgeons HIPAA compliant access to see their schedule wherever they are, receive instant updates, and send schedulers post-op confirmations in real-time.

  • Process charge capture more efficiently
  • Works in-sync with Surgimate through real-time updates
  • Improve surgeon-staff communication

Surgical Templates - Load surgical details in seconds with customized templates based on physician preferences, including codes, facility, case length, equipment and tests.

  • Data entered into the athenahealth Order Sets automatically transfer to Surgimate
  • Remove human error
  • Reduce time wasted on repetitive entry
  • Unify surgical workflow for greater efficiency

“Surgimate has significantly reduced costs and ensures our patients receive timely information, premium service and the very best care.” Philip Rosenthal, CEO, NY Orthopedics

“Surgimate enabled our practice to increase efficiency and schedule surgeries faster.” Dr. Mark Galland, Orthopedic Surgeon, OrthoNC

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