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Suki AI

Suki AI

Virtual Assistant

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40+ practices use this product.

Suki is an AI-powered, voice-enabled digital assistant that lifts the administrative burden from doctors. Integrated with athenaClincals®, Suki understands natural language and completes tasks like clinical documentation and retrieving information like provider schedules and patient details from the EHR. Suki gets smarter with use and learns clinical context and doctor preferences for clinical practice and documentation. Using Suki is like having a resident in the exam room who knows how the doctor practices, and as a result, makes the work day easier. Doctors who use Suki reduce documentation time by an average of 76% based on time-motion studies.

Suki is easy to implement, scale, and use - doctors on-board with just a 30 minute remote call. Suki can be used on any smartphone or computer with internet connectivity and does not require proprietary hardware or network updates. Used in healthcare organizations of all sizes, from large health systems to single provider practices, Suki assists doctors across dozens of specialties, including family medicine, cardiology, plastic surgery, and orthopedics.

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