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Suki AI

Suki AI

Virtual Assistant

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30+ practices use this product.

Suki is a voice powered, AI digital assistant that cures physician burnout by reducing the documentation burden and improving access to information. Suki is like Siri or Alexa for doctors and so much more than a regular transcription service.

Suki is an easy-to-use app that uses advanced AI and machine learning to power a true digital assistant that can create perfect medical notes, access information or issue other commands. Here are some examples:

  • “Suki, make a follow up note”
  • “Suki, what is my schedule today?"
  • “Suki, what medications is Mrs. Johns taking?"
  • “Suki, the physical exam was normal"
  • “Suki, change last history. Today patient’s pain is much improved."
  • “Suki, show me a trend in blood pressure since January"
  • “Suki, exam was limited due to pain"

On average, Suki users spend 58% less time creating notes and save up to $30,000 per year per physician on transcription costs. Doctors also spend less time in their medical record system looking for information.

Learn more about Suki in the September 2018 issue of Athena Insight.

Suki gets better over time by learning more about each physician's individual speech patters and medical practice. In addition, we release new features all the time with no increase in fees. You get a dedicated account manager located in the United States.

There are no set up costs. Implementation takes minutes, not hours or days. Get a 30 day full-featured free trial using your own data with full customer support. The free trial requires no work by your practice, such as file uploads.

Suki uses fixed pricing, so you don’t get charged by the note, the line or the word. Know exactly what your costs will be.

This is what users say about Suki:

  • "Suki is like electricity, once you have it you can't imagine going without it”
  • "I love Suki, she helps me get my notes done faster and I don't have to type"
  • "I love Suki"
  • "The notes are so accurate, I don't even have to review them word for word. I know they are perfect and I trust Suki to get it right”
  • "Even if the product didn't improve from it's current state, it would still be better than Dragon”
  • "Things are going great and I think that the metrics done of my completion of charts and time involved will be impressive. I know I am happy with the extra time I get back.”

Virtual Assistant, Speech-to-Text, Transcription
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