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Sopris Health

Sopris Health

Virtual Assistant

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1 - 10 practices use this product.

Sopris Health gives time back to physicians. The Sopris Assistant drives clinical efficiencies catered to a physician’s desired workflow -- improving the documentation process, reducing data entry and lessening burnout. Used during patient visits -- the Sopris Assistant automates a summarized clinical note for physician approval within minutes, making it possible to stay on top of documentation throughout the day.

Sopris Health initially launched within the orthopedic specialty, and quickly expanded to ENT, OB/GYN and urgent care, among others. It continues to build the smartest AI assistant platform, thanks in part to collaborative partners and customers such as Olympia Orthopedic Associates, who stated:

“Sopris Health’s platform -- with its ability to bring in artificial intelligence to our multi-practice modality -- has created new efficiencies, reduced our workload and provided superior clinical notes,” said L. Anthony Agtarap, M.D. “Additionally, Sopris Health gets our notes back quicker and more accurately than other services we’ve used, which means we are able to close our charts quickly and get home in a timely manner,” said Michelle McGinley, ARNP.

Mirroring the Sopris Assistant around a physician’s existing workflow is a key focus and differentiator for this team of lifelong healthcare innovators behind Sopris Health, who have consistently delivered deep transformational change necessary to manage the daily demands of today’s physicians.

Why Sopris Health Assistant

  • No More Dictation: Our NLP Templates mean no more transcription or dictation, but instead offer a scribe-like experience. When prompted by the physician, the Sopris Assistant listens to the visit conversation and recognizes key information to automate the note.
  • Cost-effective: Much less expensive than an office or virtual scrib, the Sopris Assistant can by used by physicians and the entire care team to drive efficiencies throughout the workflow.
  • Control: Tap the Listen button and let it go, or pause whenever desired. The physician controls what is recorded and what goes into the note.
  • Mobile: In the exam room, in the hallway or anywhere else the physician needs it, the Sopris Assistant is available 24/7 and quickly accessed by any iOS device (iPhone / Watch / iPad).
  • Timely: The Sopris Assistant returns an automated clinical note for review in a timely manner to help physicians stay on top of documentation even between exam visits.
  • Integrated with athenahealth. All Sopris Health notes can be immediately integrated into the athenahealth EHR.

Benefits of using Sopris Health Assistant include:

  • Improved Documentation. The Sopris Assistant is a hands-free, intelligent assistant designed specifically around a physician’s workflow to improve the entire documentation process.
  • Reduced Data Entry. The patent-pending Sopris Health platform leverages artificial-intelligence to listen for and capture key exam information, then automatically summarize into an organized clinical note.
  • Lessened Cognitive Load. The Sopris Health Assistant can be used anywhere -- including in the hallway between exams -- to help lessen cognitive load for physicians and to help them stay on top of the daily documentation load.
  • Increased Job Satisfaction + Curbed Burnout. Addressing the pain points of documentation and data entry -- two metrics that highly contribute to physician burnout and job dissatisfaction -- the Sopris Health Assistant gives physicians more time to spend on seeing patients, pursuing CME or freeing up personal time.

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