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Marketing and Communication


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Patient relationship management gives you tools to provide a great patient experience while making the most of provider and staff time.

Our platform integrates with your practice management system and EHR to:

  • Improve patient experience
  • Save time
  • Reduce costs
  • Grow revenue

We do patient relationship management. That’s all we do. So, we can spend all of our time making amazing new tools to improve the patient-provider relationship.

  • Provide patients with communication options—text, email, phone—for reminders, recare, and more
  • Offer patients the ability to respond with confirmation, questions, or comments
  • Enable your practice to send targeted education, marketing, and other communications

Everything in One Place to Improve the Patient, Provider, and Staff Experience

Care Plan Adherence

Providers have limited time with patients. This presents challenges for patients, providers, and staff. Patients forget about 80% of what a physician tells them before they get home—making compliance difficult—and more payments are being based on the quality of care and patient outcomes. Make sure patients come in for important follow ups with targeted recare programs and make their appointments with reminders based on their preferences—text, emails, or phone. Then, provide sustained engagement between visits with relevant educational content.

Patient Satisfaction

In this era of consumerized healthcare, the patient experience is a main driver in determining a patient’s choices regarding their healthcare providers. It’s also playing a bigger role in reimbursement. Today, one-third of patients are at risk of leaving their provider. Implementing patient surveys through Solutionreach is an effective way to monitor the patient experience, look for ways to make improvements, and support attestation for incentive programs. It also opens the door to asking happy patients for reviews and referrals.

Patient Access

Patients want more access, communication, and engagement. But there’s only so much time in the day, and providers and staff are already stretched thin. So let patients take some of the patient experience into their own hands. From a patient app to manage appointments and pay bills to the ability to text questions to the practice directly, you can help patients be more active in their care while saving time for providers and staff.

Practice Marketing

Providers want to stay independent. This means constantly finding ways to appeal to new patients and build loyalty with the ones you have. But they don’t want to burn out, and no one can do it all. So marketing often falls by the wayside. No more. You can easily appeal to the four out of five patients searching for a provider online by automating requests for reviews, patient testimonials, and referrals.

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