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Patient Communications

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SmileyAnswers is the next-gen patient (PX) and employee (EX) engagement management tool at a low cost.

We allow you to gather actionable patient and employee insights in real-time, so you can duplicate success and make corrective actions in a timelier manner for an overall better experience.

Patient Engagement (PX) Speed to Value: • Capture in-moment emotions by location, hour and day

• Pinpoint what causes negative feedback

• Educate and enroll the whole organization in acting quickly to address

• Focus on the things that truly make a difference for your patients

• Online reputation builder

Employee Engagement (EX) Speed to Value

• Capture in-moment emotions by location, hour, day

• Pinpoint what causes negative feedback and coach/enroll the appropriate managers in acting quickly to address

• Shift time spent on formal surveys to monitoring real-time feedback and taking action

• Understand the critical moments that shape an employee’s experience

• Determine manager and employee training needs

Our brief, anonymous, in-moment surveys drive higher response rates and provide accurate sentiment data, allowing you to truly listen to your patients and employees about what they feel and what they need.

This is easily accomplished by deploying our easy to set-up Smiley Terminal, Smiley Touch and/or Smiley Digital platform(s).

The Smiley Family of physical and digital feedback options allow you to place a physical kiosk in your lobby, exam rooms, breakrooms, etc., while our digital options will allow for online engagement for your website, email, texting, telehealth and so much more.

With our comprehensive omnichannel engagement solution, you can gather feedback in both the physical and digital environments.

More effectively manage your online reputation via our live and social media sharing capabilities. At a touch of a button, you can share your results via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You can also share your results online with our live sharing solution, which will automatically update every 15 minutes.

We offer two packages, Essentials and Professional, to meet your individual needs.

Essentials Package: highlights of some top features:

Maximum feedback rate in every location

• Unlimited feedbacks and surveys

• Smiley Link: QR codes

• Multilingual surveys

• Misuse protection

Get started immediately

• Pre-configured & ready out of the box

• Fully independent wireless communication

Get insights into focus areas

• Get key performance highlights

• Easily compare the performance of different areas and locations

• Monitor fluctuations in responses and changes in performance index

• Identify hot spots in performance levels

• Narrow down keys service performance fluctuations

Better-targeted analytics

• Results for an area or location

• Results per opening hours/opening days

• Built-in spam filter for open text feedback

Professionals Package: highlights of some top features:

All Essentials features +

Maximum feedback rate in every location

• Gesture-based feedback option with Smiley Touch (beta)

Access results on the go

• Mobile app for iOS or Android

Real-time collaboration with incident management

• Reach the right person with push notifications to mobile

• Email notifications as back-up channel

• Instant insights when, where and why changes happened

• Acknowledge alerts, comment and trigger actions with push notifications

• Use commenting to record operational reasons and service improvements

• Real time view of all incidents across multiple locations for area managers

Advanced analytics

• Real-time benchmarking

• Statistical significance indicators for follow-up responses

• Export data in multiple formats

• Foresights (beta), predictions of best/worst days

Live sharing of results to consumers and internal stakeholders

• Real time, auto-scalable/updating survey results sharing

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