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Patient Communications


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1 - 10 practices use this product.

SimplifiMed Chatbot automates clinic work flows and patient communications using 2-way interactive texting with direct integration into Athenanet. Key workflows include:

Turbocharge Ticklers to Increase Patient Visits

Based on tickler due date, SimplifiMed chatbot automatically engages patients via SMS and helps them schedule appointments directly in Athenanet.

Customize Appointment Reminders and Let Patients Respond Back

Fully customize your appointment reminders and let patients respond back via SMS to confirm, cancel, or reschedule appointments directly in Athenanet. This brings down your no-shows and helps you fill canceled or rescheduled slots.

Rebook No-Shows

When an appointment is marked No-Show, SimplifiMed chatbot automatically engages that patient via SMS and helps her rebook the visit in Athenanet.

Pre & Post Procedure Follow Up:

Provide just-in-time guidance to patients to help them prepare for procedures. Follow up after the procedure to identify any emerging issues and alert the care team.

Encourage Patient Reviews

Reach out to patients after visit and record feedback in Athenanet. Ask satisfied patients to write reviews in appropriate social media sites

Key Features:

  1. 2-Way communication enables patients to respond and converse with the Chatbot
  2. Fully customizable messages with no character count limitations gives clinic flexibility
  3. All major languages supported including English, Spanish, and Mandarin
  4. Direct integration into Athenanet. No new applications, interfaces to learn.
  5. Extremely easy to implement and for ongoing operations.

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