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Simple Interact

Simple Interact

Digital Check-in


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1 - 10 practices use this product.

Simple Interact is a one-stop solution that helps Healthcare providers improve profitability and efficiency by enabling them to acquire and retain more patients, while also automating repetitive tasks to efficiently handle high patient loads. We address front office concerns such as: Online Reputation, HIPAA Compliant Patient Intake Forms, Effective Marketing of ancillary services, and Automated Reminders. Our motto: More Patients. Less Paperwork.

  • Acquire more patients by improving online reputation on review sites that matter
  • Push patient intake forms data, medical history data, and PDFs into athenaNet
  • Save staff time by automating repetitive tasks like confirming appointments

Simple Interact is a Patient Relationship Management solution that helps clients adopt and leverage patient-centric processes to improve profitability and efficiency. Clients can pick and choose from our suite of solutions to match their needs.

How It Works:

  • More new patients will find you online because you will have a strong online presence with very positive ratings.
  • Once an appointment is booked, automated interactions will encourage patients to complete tasks such as confirming their appointment.
  • No shows will be reduced with the help of timely and helpful reminders sent to patients.
  • Patients will show up at the correct location with the help of navigation instructions.
  • A majority of patients that qualify to fill “New patient forms” or “Follow up Forms” will do so before day of appointment.
  • The patient registration data, medical history data, and legal consent forms PDFs will be pushed into athenaNet thereby speeding up your check in process
  • Patients will be made aware of ancillary services/products offered at the facility and express interest in additional information, thus improving your ability to upsell.
  • Clinical self-assessment scores (ex: PHQ-9, Back Pain Index) can be captured at regular intervals over a period of time and charted to track progress.
  • Patient experience and Patient satisfaction which are tracked via surveys will improve dramatically, resulting in improved online reputation, and therefore more patients scheduling appointments with you.

Digital Check-in, Marketing and Communication, Patient Surveys
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