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Simple Interact

Simple Interact

Digital Check-in


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1 - 10 practices use this product.

Simple Interact is a one-stop Front Office Automation platform designed to dramatically improve your efficiency and profitability. You can pick and choose from the following suite of mobile friendly services:

HIPAA COMPLIANT FORMS: Intake, Image capture(Insurance card, Driver’s license, Selfie), Medical history, Screenings, Legal, Informed consents, Initials, eSignature, Educational marketing

PATIENT ENGAGEMENT: Reminders with ability to confirm/cancel/request-reschedule, Broadcast messages, Pre & post encounter instructions

COVID-19 SOLUTIONS: Socially distanced waiting room, Parking lot arrival notification, COVID screening form, Telehealth reminders and consent

PATIENT FEEDBACK AND ONLINE REVIEWS: Surveys, Review requests, Local search engine optimization

SCHEDULE RELATED AUTOMATION: Automated filling of cancelled appointment slots, Appointment request forms, Reschedule request, Responses to marketing campaigns with reports to review these requests

Business Benefits you Can Expect:

-Speed up your workflow by automating form filling and data push activities prior to a patient visit.

-Reduce staffing needs by automating repetitive scheduling, check in, and communication tasks.

-Improve provider utilization by accommodating more visits per day and by filling cancelled appointment slots.

-Implement social distancing by promoting contactless intake and image capture, and extending the waiting room to the parking lot.

-Increase sign ups to ancillary services or research studies using educational marketing forms.

-Increase patient acquisition by improving online reputation on review sites.

Patient and Staff Experience:


-Patient finds you online due to online reputation

-Patient fills online appointment request forms

-Staff reviews request

-Staff schedules appointment


-Patient receives timely confirmation requests(Email, SMS, Voice)

-Patient can confirm, cancel, or request a reschedule

-Patient receives pre-procedure instructions

-Staff can broadcast a message to patients(ex: clinic is cancelled)

-Same day reminders reduce no shows and staff time

-Patient is automatically notified of an earlier slot that just opened, and allowed to reschedule

-Staff see a fuller schedule due to canceled slots being filled


-Patient receives timely requests to fill forms

-Patient fills forms on personal device(smart phone, tablet, computer)

-Patient is presented with appropriate forms using show/hide logic

-Patient fills forms well before the appointment

-Staff can send ad hoc requests to patients that have not filled forms

-Images(insurance card, license, selfie) are auto uploaded to patient record

-Discrete data(demographics, med history) is auto pushed to patient record

-PDFs of completed and signed forms are auto uploaded to patient record

-Workflow is sped up, staff time is reduced, and contactless intake is achieved

-Staff is made aware of patient interest in ancillary services or research studies

-Staff can view screening scores(ex: PHQ-9, Back Pain Index) to track progress


-Patients receive same day reminder with directions to location(Onsite visit) or video conference link(Telehealth visit)

-Upon arrival at location, patient notifies staff of arrival in the parking lot

-Patient enters phone and vehicle details and fills a COVID screening form

-Staff is notified of the arrival along with details and screening result

-Staff calls the patient at the appropriate time

-This reduces staff time and achieves contactless check in


-Staff asks patient to sign additional informed consent forms on a tablet

-Patient reviews and signs

-PDF of signed consent is auto uploaded to patient record


-Patient receives a survey request

-Patient posts an online review

-Patient receives a post encounter reminder to perform additional tasks

-Patient receives an email blast about other services

Digital Check-in, Marketing & Communications, Patient Surveys, Patient Communications
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