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Select Collect from MEDassurance

Select Collect from MEDassurance



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1 - 10 practices use this product.

Providers can control how delinquent accounts are dealt with during the collection process. Through Select Collect, rest assured, the tactics used to collect on outstanding balances are solely provider-centric. Further there are no exorbitant contingency fees providing a real confluence between the provider and collection agency, contrary to conventional offerings.

  • Client retains 100% discretion over how their patients are touched
  • Client keeps 100% of the dollars collected
  • Client has 100% guarantee on the service fees

athenaNet® collection account process with Select Collect from MEDassurance

You are only a few steps away from taking control of your patient delinquencies.

Step 1: On the Select Collect client agreement mark the activities you would like performed 

Step 2: In athenanet create a Collection Worklist

Step 3: Upload File to the MEDassurance Client Portal after Sign into MEDassurance Client Portal

(Initial setup https://www.medassurance.com/access Password: selectcollect. Fill out form and submit. User access will be confirmed)

Step 4: Post the payments that are received in your office and payments reported received at MEDassurance Step 5: Relax and Repeat next month

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