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Secure-Mobile by MedOfficePro

Secure-Mobile by MedOfficePro


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In today’s rapidly changing healthcare market, it is important for a physician practice to choose a customizable and cost-effective dictation solution. MedOfficePro provides an outsourced transcription solution for Specialty Practices, Surgery Centers and hospitals using a secure, web-based platform with integrated voice, text and data.

MedOfficePro offers three ways to dictate. These include Digital Voice Recorder (DVR), regular Toll-Free Phone System or a SmartPhone – with patient data displayed on the device. SmartPhone dictation is marketed as Secure-Mobile and allows clinicians to dictate via any SmartPhone.

  • Multiple dictating options – Toll Free system, Digital Voice Recorder and Secure-Mobile App
  • Discrete Data Transcription for higher productivity
  • 24 x 7 x 365 Coverage. Transcribed reports are available next day before 9:00 AM (EST)

Secure-Mobile solution from MedOfficePro connects a Physician to patient’s information and clinical results without having to rely on paper charts or busy PCs around the office! For physicians working in the hospitals, Secure-Mobile connects with a hospital’s existing information system and patient data is available on the Smartphone – anytime, anywhere!

MedOfficePro dictation process is secure and HIPAA-compliant end-to-end.

  • Choose a patient from appointment schedule on the SmartPhone
  • Popular recorder functions are easy to use. Examples: Play, Record, Pause, Rewind, Hold, etc.
  • Status of transcribed reports can be tracked via a dashboard (Not Dictated/Pending Transcription/Complete)
  • Narratives placed in appropriate sections are available in athenaClinicals by next business day

There is no software purchase required! Secure-Mobile is offered free for MedOfficePro customers and significantly improves provider productivity and delivers significant savings from day one!

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