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Patient Education


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1 - 10 practices use this product.

Santovia is a unique cost-effective, innovative, patient engagement solution that maximizes revenue for physicians and hospitals. Santovia, through its education and targeted surveys facilitates shared decision making and better recovery for patients, while also helping providers understand how to improve patient experience. This complete package is available on all platforms and optimized for patients to follow on their smartphones and tablets.

  • Patient specific education (video and written content) automatically delivered electronically for all based on the ICD10 codes that are recorded in the clinical record. Santovia ensures MIPS requirement for patient education is fully met.
  • Santovia’s flexible survey tools help you better understand patient needs through rapid feedback so you can fix problems as they arise to stay one step ahead of third party surveyors. Patient experience surveys are tied to every visit with real-time reporting tools. Drill into the data, create customizable reports and produce printable PDFs.
  • Providers have access to a comprehensive suite of easy to follow physical therapy videos that they can prescribe. Using video increases patients’ compliance and improves their outcome and recovery.
  • Shared decision making surveys, to enable you to assess patient understanding of their illnesses and identify areas where additional support is needed and surveys that capture patient reported outcomes and track results over time.

Santovia’s unique integrated engagement platform provides:


Integrates with athenaClinicals®. By using the ICD10 codes within assessment and problem lists, the video and written patient specific education are automatically provided to each patient.


Offers customizable survey tools that provide valuable insights in real-time of their patients’ needs and preferences for every visit. Surveys can be modified as needed, enabling management to adapt processes immediately, repair relationships when necessary and respond to feedback.

Physical Therapy

Santovia enables physicians to prescribe physical therapy videos for patients to follow in the comfort of their own home on their smart device.

Additional benefits

  • English and Spanish language versions available at a click, with additional language material offered-
  • Patient Reported Outcome surveys
  • Supporting shared decision making

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