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Samantha by NoteSwift

Samantha by NoteSwift

Virtual Assistant

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Samantha’s patent-pending technology dramatically speeds up and fully automates the patient documentation process. Samantha takes the physician’s typed or dictated patient story information and automatically enters it into athenaClinicals® EHR, exactly where it needs to be as structured, discrete data and narrative text, and automatically assigning all required coding (e.g., ICD10, SNOMED, and CPT).

Samantha creates a streamlined, automated EHR charting experience, thanks to the technology’s:

  • Single Screen Interface: Chart from a single screen by typing or dictating in narrative form without having to worry which boxes to check or what menu screen to navigate to.
  • Discrete and Narrative Text Input: Samantha intelligently parses the narrative text and automatically identifies discrete data for entry to athenaClinicals.
  • Automatic Assigning of Coding: Samantha’s proprietary technology learns what is said and intelligently assigns necessary coding (ICD10, SNOMED, CPT).
  • ePrescription & Order Support: Prepares orders and ePrescriptions for physician sign-off.
  • Ability to Incorporate Existing Templates & Workflows: Samantha integrates seamlessly with athenaClinicals and supports any existing templates or workflows already in place.

With Samantha taking over the tasks of discrete data entry and the assigning of coding, physicians’ reimbursement submissions become more accurate, while taking significantly less time to complete. Those physicians can now see more patients, and spend more time with those patients, reporting on co-morbidities and improving overall quality of care.

Virtual Assistant, Transcription, Speech-to-Text
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