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Samantha by NoteSwift

Samantha by NoteSwift

Virtual Assistant


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1 - 10 practices use this product.

Samantha by NoteSwift

Digital Assistant

Samantha is a physician’s digital assistant to ease the burden of entering patient documentation. Provider’s using athenaClinicals can enter the patient information needed for all sections of the note using Samantha’s single menu screen. Using speech recognition you already use or her built in speech recognition, once the narrative is input, Samantha applies her AI to intelligently parse the needed structured data, assigns coding and automatically inputs all the data into every screen of athenaClinicals as if you typed it manually. She’s fast, accurate, and incredibly powerful.

Samantha creates a streamlined, automated EHR charting experience:

  • Single screen interface: Chart from a single screen by typing or dictating in narrative form without having to worry which boxes to check or what menu screen to navigate
  • Structured data Input: Samantha intelligently parses out the structured data elements from the narrative for entry to athenaClinicals.
  • Automatically assigns coding: Samantha understands what is said and automatically assigns necessary coding (ICD10, SNOMED, CPT).
  • ePrescription & Order Support: Prepares orders and ePrescriptions for physician sign-off in less than 5 seconds
  • Macro Support - users can apply existing macros or create new multiple-section notes to enhance usability and save time while documenting.
  • Templates and workflows - Samantha integrates seamlessly with athenaClinicals and supports any existing templates or workflows that are used.
  • Machine learning - her AI learns the style and ways each physician enters notes to speed up the process even more over time

With Samantha as your digital assistant, she will take over the tasks of having to navigate from screen to screen, entering both structured data and narrative text, deciding what codes to assign and enter the details of every prescription or order in all of the fields. With Samantha, you will save a minimum of 4-6 hours per week and she costs just $4.95/day! Compare that to scribes or transcription services and you will save significant expenditures. As important, it will make your EHR experience easier to alleviate pajama time and give your patients more face time with you.

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