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RxPhoto by AppwoRx

RxPhoto by AppwoRx

Medical Photography

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1 - 10 practices use this product.

RxPhoto’s medical photography software gives every practice the ability to capture, manage and share standardized and consistent before and after photos with their mobile device. RxPhoto is a HIPAA compliant photo capture and storage app saving time by automatically cataloging and uploading all clinical photos to RxPhoto’s secure photo storage platform. RxPhoto also provides before and after gallery tools to help practices convert more consultations to procedures.

  • Take photos from any exam room with RxPhoto’s medical app using on-screen positioning guides and leveling tools to maintain consistency across staff members and time intervals.
  • Photo-ghosting overlays already-captured photos over current view-finder images so that each photo is aligned identically, making your after photos highly consistent with your before photos.
  • RxPhoto’s before and after gallery tools can create digital patient reports, care/treatment plans, side-by-side comparisons, consent forms and more.
  • RxPhoto’s consultation tools help providers increase patient satisfaction and improve workflow through its patient photography and storage platform. RxPhoto eliminates the need for expensive and cumbersome photography equipment with its secure and intuitive image capture, storage and sharing system. Medical practices can now remain HIPAA compliant while using their mobile devices to capture, manage and share clinical photos. RxPhoto’s web based image and data management platform provides tools to not only store medical photos, but also to use those photos to help educate patients and market their practice.
  • Effortlessly retrieve patient photos by patient name, encounter date, anatomical region, tags and use visual documentation tools to create a repeatable patient experience.

RxPhoto is a critical tool for any medical practice in the Plastic Surgery, Vein Treatment, Dermatology, Medical Spa / Cosmetic Procedures, Hair Restoration, Laser Tattoo Removal.

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