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Specialty Consult

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Why wait weeks or months to get a specialist’s opinion or input on your patient care plans?

With RubiconMD, primary care providers can connect to top specialists for same-day eConsults. Our easy-to-use, web-based platform:

  • Connects primary care providers to top specialists representing over 100 specialties and sub-specialties
  • Helps avoid unnecessary specialist visits, or improve needed referrals
  • Provides cost savings and improves schedule density

Our platform enables better access to the right specialist expertise in the primary care setting. We connect primary care providers to specialists for insights and opinions in three simple steps:

  1. Primary care provider determines specialist input could be beneficial for a particular case or care plan
  2. Provider requests a RubiconMD eConsult from athenaClinicals, pulling in any relevant information on the case, including photos, labs or records
  3. Specialists from RubiconMD will respond within 12 business hours [24 hour guarantee]

Request a specialist’s opinion, right from the athenaClinicals patient chart, with the RubiconMD platform.

Key Features:

  • RubiconMD eConsult button embedded in athenaClinicals
  • Ability to auto-populate consult request with all appropriate clinical data from a specific time period
  • Matching algorithm assigns cases to the best possible specialist from a panel of over 100 specialties and subspecialties
  • Specialists deliver insights or input in fewer than 24 hours, guaranteed
  • eConsult response pulled into patient chart automatically as a clinical note

Additional Functions:

  • Ability to ask multiple specialties the same question
  • Sharing opinions within an organization
  • Ability to rate specialist responses
  • Analytics reports for administrators showing data on traffic, quality and cost savings through the platform
  • Photo upload app for easy appending of labs, records, photos and documents

Specialty Consult
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