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Telephone Triage / After-Hours Care

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  • Orthopedic Surgery
  • Ambulatory Surgery Center


Capabilities: Telephone Triage / After-Hours Care

Robin takes care of medicine's administrative burdens so doctors can take back their time.

We combine cutting-edge technology with trained healthcare staff to deliver a seamless experience that integrates directly with electronic medical records, including athenahealth.

In the exam room, our Robin Assistant™ ambiently captures the audio and optional video from your patient visits. Behind the scenes, our HIPAA-compliant team reviews each visit and compiles clinical documentation to meet complex rules needed for insurers, compliance and liability.

With Robin in the room, you get more:

Reclaim your time: Save an average of 90 minutes per clinic while Robin works ambiently in the background.

Reduce your risk: Robin meets compliance and liability standards and guarantees our work in case of an audit.

Collect what you’re owed: Doctors receive more accurate reimbursement based on the complete data captured from the patient visit.

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