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Care Plan Management

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With the transition to value-based care, clinicians need tools to efficiently manage diabetes across their patient population. Rimidi Diabetes+Me provides everything a provider needs to identify gaps in care, engage patients and focus on Comprehensive Diabetes Care outcomes. Rimidi streamlines key clinical metrics and enables clinicians to visualize the impact of treatment decisions on patient outcomes.

  • Focus on Key Outcomes - Comprehensive Diabetes Care assessment for each patient including labs, vitals, and preventative screenings in a single view. Our score card let's you know how your practice is performing on reportable outcomes in real-time.
  • Streamline Management - Identify gaps in care and next steps in your care pathway. Visualize the anticipated outcome of medication adjustments on patient blood glucose control.
  • Drive Patient Satisfaction - Intuitive cloud-based program lets patients engage in their care, understand their treatment goals and feel like part of the team.

Rimidi Diabetes+Me allows your practice to manage outcomes across your population while focusing on individual patient needs in a streamlined experience.

Software features:

  • Simple Onboarding: Add patients to Diabetes+Me directly from athenahealth with the click of a button. Patients will receive an email to get started.
  • Patient Engagement: Patients can view treatment goals; track their blood glucose, exercise, food, stress and medications; and engage with evidence-based educational resources.
  • Streamlined Experience: Access Diabetes+Me screens within your athenahealth workflow. Clinical data is securely displayed in Diabetes+Me together with the patient monitored health data.
  • Practice Scorecard: View real-time status on HEDIS and Medicare STAR Comprehensive Diabetes Care outcomes for your patient panel.
  • Population Stratification: Triage your patient population according to Comprehensive Diabetes Care to focus resources on those who need the most help.
  • Efficient Management: Our dynamic care plan lets you visually identify areas of glycemic excursion, target adjustments to patient needs, and document a comprehensive care plan that is electronically shared with the patient.

Care Plan Management
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