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RexPay: Faster Patient Payments

RexPay: Faster Patient Payments

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1 - 10 practices use this product.

RexPay: Faster Patient Payments

RexPay accelerates and increases patient collections without a single change to your existing billing process, and provides patients with a billing experience they love through the RexPay mobile app.

RexPay increases practice revenue and captures more patient responsibility by:

  • Automating custom dunning-level-based bill reminders sent through email, text, and push notifications
  • Offering automated self-service payment plans to encourage patients to act on larger bills
  • Providing a mobile wallet and payment process where patients pay their bills in seconds

RexPay improves practice efficiency by:

  • Automatically posting payments and updating the EMR claim status
  • Tracking your patient’s deductible and out of pocket max in-app so you don’t have to field questions about it
  • Catching duplicate bills and EOBs so you don’t have to spend time reimbursing them
  • Immediately answering commonly asked medical billing questions via the Ask Rex Chatbot
  • Providing a Customer Success Manager to assist your practice with RexPay

RexPay boosts patient satisfaction by:

  • Allowing patients to pay and organize ALL their medical bills from ANY medical provider in one place.
  • Providing billing clarification and services like payment plans they would previously have had to call their provider for.
  • Providing an all-in-one mobile app with digitally delivered bills, convenient payment options, and a healthcare wallet, right on their smartphones.

Providers partner with RexPay in order to:

  • Decrease days in AR and collect a higher percentage of patient responsibility
  • Reduce the number of patients sent to collections
  • Reallocate your staff’s time to higher priority projects
  • Have happier patients by providing a great billing process

“If you want to reduce patient AR, improve patient payment experience and reduce defaulted accounts I would strongly recommend you consider RexPay. It is truly an excellent tool to improve your practice financial performance at a low cost. I’m always happy to talk further about our experience.”
- Raymond, Director of Development, Embry Women’s Health (an athenahealth national showcase practice)

RexPay is the billing experience patients love with a 5-star rating in the App Store!

“I normally hold off paying medical bills because they are never convenient … Now I won’t have to delay paying medical bills because it’s no longer a chore thanks to this app!” - RexPay User in an App Store Review

"Super easy to use and definitely the best way to pay medical bills!! I’m a big fan and I will definitely be encouraging others to sign up!” - RexPay User

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