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RexPay: The Patient-Payment Accelerator

RexPay: The Patient-Payment Accelerator

Payment Solutions

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Would you like to have faster payments and fewer defaults, super-powered office staff, and positively happy patients without having to do a single thing differently?

RexPay is a mobile app that accelerates and increases patient collections by solving patient pain points of confusion and payment fragmentation. With RexPay, patients understand, manage, and pay all their medical bills digitally in one place.

  • Your billing workflows don’t change at all: when you change the claim to a billing state in Athena, the patient receives the bill on their phone.
  • We deliver bills digitally through the RexPay app with notifications and reminders that facilitate faster payments. Patients choose from their stored payment methods (including HSA) to send you an instantaneous Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT).
  • We make it easier for your staff to focus on what matters most. The RexPay app prevents unnecessary patient phone calls by automatically setting up payment plans and immediately answering patients’ billing questions with Ask Rex, an artificial-intelligence powered and automated chatbot.
  • RexPay works alongside any paper or portal billing options you may have. We simply provide a faster, more convenient payment option for your patients (and for you).

Why Providers Love RexPay:

  1. With patient pay ballooning, RexPay helps patients pay faster and default less often.
  2. Providers save on bill printing and postage costs.
  3. Office staff spend less time answering calls around payments, payment plans, and common billing questions.
  4. Their patients actually enjoy using the app!

“If you want to reduce patient AR, improve the patient payment experience and reduce defaulted accounts I would strongly recommend you consider RexPay. It is truly an excellent tool to improve your practice financial performance at a low cost.” - Raymond Embry, Director of Development, Embry Women’s Health (an Athena National Showcase practice). Read the full testimonial.

Why Patients Love RexPay:

We have 5-star ratings in the App Store because patients can: 1. Download the app and create an account for free. 2. View in detail any outstanding bills from your practice (without waiting on snail-mail). 3. Easily add their preferred payment method (including HSA) instead of hunting for a checkbook or repeatedly entering their payment details on every provider’s portal. 4. Make or schedule a payment or select a provider-configured payment plan (without having to call your office staff or find an envelope and a stamp). 5. Upload all non-Athena medical bills by taking a photo. That’s right, patients can manage AND pay all of their medical bills from ANY provider all in one place! 6. Track their insurance deductible automatically and store all their insurance information in-app. 7. Organize all their bills by payment status and with notes and tags to indicate which family member or incident each bill is for.

RexPay gives patients more reasons to love your practice!

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Join us for the “Medical Billing Reimagined” RexPay Webinar series, to learn more about current payment barriers and how to address them.

What have others said?

“To most people, the health care system is complex and confusing. I’m excited to see how RexPay is revolutionizing how people plan for, budget, and pay for their health care through a simple, straightforward app.” – Ed Eger, Payments Industry Advisor and CEO at Rewards Network

“I recommend this app to anyone—it’s so easy and simple! This app keeps your entire family’s medical bills in one place. I can’t tell you what a relief it is to not have to call into my doctor’s office and have to repeat over and over again my card number to someone to make a payment. Definitely going to continue using this app!” – Ashley H, RexPay User

Payment Solutions
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