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Revity Patient Payments

Revity Patient Payments


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Revity is a simple billing solution that helps providers send patient-friendly medical bills via email and text message. Patients automatically receive a friendly message notifying them of the outstanding statement, plus a link to a simple no-login portal where they can easily view and pay. Providers see faster payments, increased collections, and higher patient satisfaction.

  • Patient-friendly: Clear and simple interface for less confusion and easy payments
  • Provider-centric: Payment portals customized with your logo and colors
  • Fully-automated: We send statements, follow up, process payment, and update your records, all at the click of a button

Revity Patient Payments is an easy way to make patient billing better for you AND your patients. 80% of patients want to pay medical bills online, and bad billing experiences are a patient satisfaction killer(1). Meanwhile, each day you wait for payment is a strain on your business. With Revity Patient Payments, you’ll offer a better patient experience while improving cash flow.

Here’s how it works:

  1. At check-in, staff asks each patient if he/she wants to receive email and text message statements. With a few clicks inside the athenahealth interface, staff tags the patient as opted-in. This is the only step your staff is responsible for!
  2. After the visit, the patient receives a friendly welcome message.
  3. Once a bill is ready to be sent to the patient, Revity automatically converts the information into an easy-to-understand electronic format and instantly sends it via email and text message.
  4. The patient pays! No need to download an app, create an account, or remember a password. After a simple authentication step, Revity allows patients to view, manage, and pay bills securely with just a few simple clicks.

Revity is free for patients, HIPAA & PCI compliant, and fast to install.

(1) http://www.instamed.com/wp-content/uploads/InstaMed-Payment-Experience-Consumers-Want-White-Paper.pdf

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