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Redivus Health Clinical Decision Support Platform

Redivus Health Clinical Decision Support Platform

Clinical Decision Support


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1 - 10 practices use this product.

Ever use Google Maps or Waze to get from point A to B? Redivus Health brings that real-time, intuitive navigation to healthcare. Enabled by mobile technology, Redivus provides clinical decision support for treating time-critical events like cardiac arrest, stroke and sepsis.

The Need for Support:

In urgent situations, chaos, inexperience and uncertainty can overwhelm healthcare providers, leading to medical errors. Redivus Health clears away obstacles to quality patient care. We provide evidence-based clinical guidance for cardiac arrest, stroke and sepsis events with 100% compliance and documentation accuracy.

"Quick identification of sepsis is a challenge to even the most experienced clinician. This tool quantifies the patient’s presentation, raises the possibility of sepsis, and can help drive a quick, coordinated response." --Joann Paul, Vice President of Quality and Patient Safety, Saint Luke’s Health System

How It Works:

Redivus delivers instantly accessible, standardized protocols at the point of care while documenting every step:

  • Cardiac Arrest – Redivus Code Blue augments decision making with simple, intuitive prompts to keep the team focused on life-saving patient care.
  • Stroke – Redivus assesses the need for tPA and tracks time windows for treatment options, improving the speed and accuracy of stroke care.
  • Sepsis – Redivus identifies sepsis faster to help clinicians start the right treatment sooner. Redivus Health is a leader in providing early identification and standardized treatment of sepsis.

Results That Drive Value: - 45% increase in compliance for teams using Redivus Code Blue in cardiac arrest simulations - 30% reduction in sepsis mortality for one hospital using Redivus for sepsis screening - 150% more sepsis cases identified within one health system in just 6 months - 60% increase in reimbursement for sepsis cases

Seamless Integration With Your Workflow:

  • All data generated within Redivus is documented, time-stamped and synced with athenaNet, automatically and accurately updating the patient’s record.
  • Timers provide a single source of truth to deliver care at the correct intervals.
  • Push notifications and in-app alerts help the care team manage time-critical interventions and coordinate patient care.
  • Streamline patient handoffs by sharing or transferring events within the care team.
  • Real-time dashboards with data analytics help coordinate care and proactively manage quality improvement.

Tech Specs:

The Redivus Health cloud-based software platform is accessible from smartphones and tablets running iOS and Android, and available on desktop web browsers. Redivus is delivered as a SaaS solution with an annual subscription.

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We're pleased to offer a 30-day no obligation trial so you can be sure the Redivus app will work for your organization. You can start your free trial immediately or request a demo for your staff to learn more. Contact us at info@redivus.com.

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