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Redivus Health Clinical Decision Support Platform

Redivus Health Clinical Decision Support Platform

Clinical Decision Support

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Chaos, inexperience and uncertainty can overwhelm health care providers. Redivus clears away obstacles to quality care. Enabled by mobile technology we offer providers evidence based guidance through time critical diagnosis with 100% compliance and documentation accuracy.
Travel navigation apps such as Google Maps and Waze have had a transformative effect on the conventional way of using a paper map to get from point A to point B. We bring the same kind of intuitive navigation to healthcare providers treating time-critical events such as cardiac arrest, stroke, sepsis and heart attack.

The Redivus Health platform is accessible from smartphones and tablets running iOS and Android and soon available on web browsers. Redivus is delivered as a SaaS solution with an annual subscription.

The Redivus app is made for integrated health care systems, rural hospitals and emergency responders. Redivus currently delivers instantly accessible, standardized protocols in cases of

  • Cardiac Arrest - Over 550,00 suffer a cardiac per year in the US. Do you or your providers follow evidence based protocols that lead to lives saved? Is your documentation of these events accurate and reflect what actually happened? Redivus increases provider compliance to the accepted national guidelines, improves accuracy of documentation, and increases provider confidence.
  • Stroke - A retrospective study suggests that 25% of eligible ischemic stroke patients do not receive the clot busting drug tPA. Redivus increases standardization and compliance of nationally accepted guidelines improving the speed and accuracy of stroke care.
  • Sepsis - Is the leading cause of death in U.S. hospitals at 258,000 lives lost per year. Redivus helps increase sepsis identification and improve bundle compliance by guiding providers through diagnostic and treatment protocols. Our data reveals that 50% of sepsis diagnoses are underrecognized. Understanding this crisis among healthcare providers, Redivus Health is a leader in providing early identification and standardized treatment of sepsis.

Integration Details

The integration with athenaNet enables an efficient workflow and allows you the freedom to use Redivus at the point-of-care while ensuring the patient’s chart is updated. All data generated within Redivus is documented, time-stamped, and formatted into a easy-to-read document that is sent to athenaNet.

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