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  • Obstetrics/Gynecology
  • Multi Specialty
  • Addiction Medicine
  • FQHC
  • Cardiology


Capabilities: Coding

RCxRules helps revenue cycle and HCC coding teams perform at their best in two ways. First, our unique autocorrect capabilities greatly reduce the number of customer “Claim Holds.” Second, our automated rules engine works before Collector to automatically review 100% of charges against rules tailored to a customer’s specific needs. Customers can create these custom rules themselves, enabling a proactive approach.

Take Control of Your Revenue Cycle with Autocorrect Every large medical group is unique for their own unique reasons. We know this and we know automation. We tailor the rules to meet your specific needs and to tackle your complex coding and billing challenges. Our autocorrection capabilities reduce the manual tasks your team needs to work.

• Reliable, predictable, and surprise-free revenue generation

• Reduce customer “Claim Holds”

• Get the most out of your team, focus them on the most important issues

• Less staff overtime and a manageable month-end crunch

• Happy and productive revenue cycle team

Conquer HCC Coding and Improve RAF Scores Enable physicians and coders to do what they do best—and get paid accurately for the great care you provide.

RCxRules automatically reviews 100% of diagnosis codes coming out of your EMR in real time, and flags any encounter with diagnosis coding gaps, so your coders can review and correct codes before they’re submitted as a claim. RCxRules helps ensure you are compensated appropriately for the care your physicians provide.

• Drive $400,000+ of RAF value per coder per month*

• Capture 30+% more HCC codes

• Boost HCC coder productivity by 300%

*Based on documentation-supported codes.

Each medical group’s share of increased RAF value is based on their payer contracts.

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