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Care Coordination

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RateFast gives clinics the power to generate rock-solid workers’ compensation reports and visit notes. RateFast saves time and money for providers by streamlining the workflow of gathering patient information relevant to workers' comp claims, tracking Request for Authorization forms, and generating accurate impairment ratings.

Workers’ compensation can be a lucrative area for almost any clinic. However, workers' comp is a confusing field. Many practices that start accepting workers' comp cases find themselves spending more time quibbling with insurance carriers than helping patients.

RateFast guides providers through the workers' compensation exam, ensuring that reports are completed to the satisfaction of patients, insurance carriers, and other stakeholders. From the patient’s first visit to the final impairment report, with RateFast you can masterfully glide through the workers’ compensation process by completing the following types of California workers' compensation reports:

  • Doctor's First Report of Occupational Injury or Illness (Form 5021): The initial report written by the PTP (Primary Treating Physician), detailing the extent of the incident.
  • Primary Treating Physician's Progress Report (PR-2): Follow up reports that describe the progress of the patient's recovery.
  • Primary Treating Physician’s Permanent And Stationary Report (PR-4): Written after the injury has reached MMI (Maximum Medical Improvement), determining the final outcome of the injury.

For clinics outside of California, please contact us to learn how RateFast can benefit your practice and determine your patients’ impairment ratings in accordance with the version of the AMA Guides to the Evaluation of Permanent Impairment used by your state.

The athenaNet EHR integrates with RateFast to provide the seamless transfer of patient information between the two systems, eliminating the need for redundant data entry or keeping track of another set of passwords.

RateFast was designed by experienced workers’ comp professionals to be straightforward, intuitive, and efficient. Even clinics with no workers’ compensation experience can use RateFast to launch their practice to the level of providers who are veterans in the field.

Care Coordination
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