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QueueDr fills cancellations, reschedules no-show and rebooks bumped appointments -- automatically. Our bi-directional integration with athenaCollector® allows for a 100% automated solution. With QueueDr, your staff will never lift a finger.

How it works QueueDr uses artificial intelligence and state-of-the-art technology to match patients with available appointments. Our fully customizable solution, makes filling schedule gaps simple for even the most complex medical organizations and health systems. Here is how it works:

Filling Cancellations: After the appointment is cancelled in athenaCollector, QueueDr goes to work

  1. QueueDr immediately identifies ideal patients to move into the cancelled appointment
  2. QueueDr texts the ideal patients offering them the earlier appointment
  3. The first patient to respond is awarded the appointment
  4. QueueDr moves the patient to the new appointment in athenaCollector

Rescheduling no-shows

  1. After a patient no-shows and their appointment is marked in athenaCollector, QueueDr goes to work
  2. QueueDr’s artificial intelligence identifies the two best appointments for that patient
  3. QueueDr text the patient the two options
  4. The patient responds with their preferred appointment
  5. QueueDr reschedules the patient in athenaCollector

Rebooking bumps

  1. If your provider/practice needs to bump a day due to provider complications or weather. Cancel the day in athenaCollector and QueueDr will take care of the rest
  2. Starting with the first appointments in the day, QueueDr immediately texts the patients to notify them that their appointment will have to be moved. Using artificial intelligence and practice preferences (established during implementation) QueueDr also offers the patient with two new appointment options
  3. The patient responds with their preferred appointment
  4. QueueDr rebooks the patient in athenaCollector

Gaps in your schedule cost your practice revenue. Now you can fill more cancellations, reschedule more no-shows and rebook bumped appointments -- faster and easier than ever.

  • Increase Staff Efficiency: It takes your staff approximately 46 minutes to fill one cancelled appointment. QueueDr can do it in 4.3 minutes, on average.
  • Shorten Patient Wait Time: According to a recent poll, one of patients’ biggest complaints is waiting longer than a week to see their doctor. QueueDr gets patients in quicker and more efficiently, on average we reduce patient wait time by 24-days.
  • Improve Patient Satisfaction: Patients love QueueDr and since 95% of Americans have a cell phone, reach them where they are and get them in faster!

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