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PX Connect

PX Connect

Referral Management / Prior Authorization

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  • Ophthalmology
  • Optometry


Capabilities: Referral Management / Prior Authorization

Managing a different process for each assistance program can be frustrating and time consuming! PX Technology has created a platform that replaces your manual processes and connects directly to insurance and pharmaceutical programs. PX Connect offers multiple enrollment forms and consolidates the application process, so your patients’ forms are accessible in one location.

PX Connect communicates with your Athenahealth system to produce pre-populated information reducing time spent manually filling out forms. This cuts down on wait times for status of submissions, and manually printing, faxing and submitting to multiple websites.

PX Connect limits the possibilities for the following:

-Loss of paperwork -Submissions with human errors -Losing track of submissions -Delaying treatments -Rescheduling Appointments -Miscommunication ordering treatments

Use the power of proven technology to save time and enhance your patient experience in your practice. Visit our website and to schedule a demo with us at pxtechnology.com to see how. You can improve your internal workflow today!

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