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Remote Patient Monitoring

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11-25 Practices are currently using this product across the following Specialties
  • Internal Medicine
  • Family Practice
  • Neurology
  • Geriatric Medicine
  • Multi Specialty


Capabilities: Remote Patient Monitoring, Chronic Care Management (CCM)

‘Wellness that works for everyone.’

Remote care management and preventive care are vital for patients, but there are major barriers to implementing them in an efficient and effective way.

Prevounce was created to make implementing remote patient monitoring (RPM), chronic care management (CCM) and preventive services in your practice easy, efficient and lucrative.

Our holistic wellness platform solves your biggest challenges providing care management services such as RPM, CCM and preventive services. Prevounce does not just focus on the services themselves, but also helps eliminate the staff work that happens before and afterwards with:

  • Eligibility verification directly via Medicare
  • Automated patient outreach and intake
  • Guidance through all service requirements
  • Intelligent patient messaging and support
  • Compliant report generation
  • Pre-configured cellular connected patient devices.
  • Billing and coding assistance

Prevounce utilizes single-sign-on links within Athena to fit seamlessly into your clinical and billing workflow. Our ultimate goal is to lighten your burden, save you time and keep you compliant, so you can focus on what really matters – providing excellent remote monitoring, preventive services and chronic care management for your patients.

Implementing the Prevounce Wellness Program is easy. Every new client is assigned an onboarding specialist to consult, train and assist practice staff until your Prevounce wellness program workflow - from eligibility to billing - is seamlessly integrated into your practice.

Prevounce Program Features:

  • Comprehensive patient wellness program custom tailored to your practice.
  • Includes Remote Patient Management, CMS Preventive Services, Chronic Care Management, and more.
  • Significantly increases practice revenue and improves patient health and engagement.
  • Positively factors into the Medicare MIPS/MACRA program.
  • Included clinical service training, software support and billing guidance.
  • Customized patient handouts and brochures branded to your practice.
  • HIPAA compliant Prevounce Portal software hosted for your practice, featuring:
    • Comprehensive electronic patient eligibility and coverage verification.
    • Automated pre-visit outreach and smart onboarding.
    • Simplifies the entire preventive service and CCM workflows.
    • Saves significant amounts of staffing time and cost.
    • Intelligently guides billing/coding decisions to minimize unpaid claims.
    • Single-Sign-On directly from your Athena interface.
    • Keeps compliant records for each service.
  • Cellularly connected RPM patient devices, featuring:
    • Blood pressure, pulse, weight and blood glucose monitoring.
    • Easy-to-use and direct-to-patient
    • Leasable to lower up-front costs

Remote Patient Monitoring Services Supported:

  • RPM Initial Setup (99453)
  • RPM Monthly Base Service (99454)
  • RPM Monthly Management Services (99457, 99458)

Chronic Care Management Services Supported:

  • Simple CCM (99490, G2058)
  • Complex CCM (99491)
  • Behavioral Health Integration CCM (99484)
  • Principal Care Management (G2064, G2065)

Wellness Services Supported:

  • Annual Wellness Visits (G0438, G0439)
  • Advance Care Planning (99497, 99498)
  • Depression Screening (G0444)
  • Alcohol Abuse Screening and Counseling (G0442, G0443)
  • Smoking Cessation Counseling (99406, 99407)
  • Cardiovascular Risk Counseling (G0446)
  • LDCT Lung Cancer Counseling (G0296)
  • Obesity Counseling (G0447)
  • Opioid Risk Assessment (G9584)
  • Cognitive Impairment Screening (99483, 96138)
  • Medication Therapy Management (99605)

Enhanced compliance. Higher reimbursement rates. Easy patient eligibility. Increasing practice revenue while improving patient health outcomes. Seamless athenahealth workflow integration. Prevounce makes it possible. Schedule a live demo today and let us show you how!

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