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Marketing and Communication

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Podium is a leading provider of online review management and customer engagement software. Podium’s platform enables businesses to connect their customers with popular online review sites like Google™, Facebook™, and much more, enabling businesses to collect valuable feedback to improve business operations. Unlike traditional solutions that utilize email to send online review invitations, Podium takes advantage of the widespread adoption of smartphones and sends invites via text message.

  • Podium Dashboard - Consolidate review data from nearly 15 online review sites into our easy-to-use interface. Track review invitations, see new reviews as they come in and monitor review trends all in one place.
  • Mobile App - The Podium Mobile App™ lets you stay on top of your online reputation on the go. Collect, manage, and respond to online reviews wherever you are with just a couple of taps on your smartphone or tablet.
  • Podium SmartSelect - Target the review sites that matter most to your impact and that will have the most impact. SmartSelect effortlessly connects customers directly with the sites they are most familiar with and never requires them to log in or download an app, eliminating many of the barriers that previously inhibited customers from leaving a review.

Podium’s online review and customer engagement platform consolidates your practice’s online reputation, from across the web, into one centralized place and allows you to build and manage a presence on the online review sites that matter most to your business.

Podium’s efficient, mobile process eliminates many of the barriers that previously made collecting online reviews difficult.

Consolidated Dashboard: Bring all of your reviews from across multiple sites into one easy-to-understand dashboard, making it easy to monitor and respond to patient feedback.

Manage your reputation on the go: Podium’s iOS® and Android™ platform app allows users to send review invites, manage existing reviews, and gain actionable insights from your smartphone or tablet.

Leaderboard: Track top performers. See which staff members are sending the most invitations and how many of those invitations are turning into actual reviews for your business.

Multi-location management: Compare and contrast the online reputation for each of your locations. Identify successful processes and implement them across your entire organization.

Marketing and Communication, Patient Surveys, Compliance
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