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"PixaMed" Wound Care Imaging and Documentation

"PixaMed" Wound Care Imaging and Documentation

Care Plan Management

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PixaMed’s Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) platform transforms wound care through smart lesion imaging and efficient bedside documentation using a mobile device. PixaMed’s clinical solution provides, Patient registration, patient scheduling, lesion registration, automatic and accurate digital measurements, tissue classification, tracking, assessment and full encounter documentation. PixaMed will result in better utilization of healthcare resources and improve health outcomes in wound care practice.

PixaMed Platform Features:

  • Full clinical documentation via a mobile device including Assessment, Treatment, Procedure and Recommendation elements.
  • Smart photo imaging, digital measurements and tissue classification
  • Integrated electronic patient referral system
  • Online/offline operation
  • Patient registration and scheduling
  • Support for multiple facilities

PixaMed Markets:

PixaMed’s primary markets are Wound Care and Dermatology, where skin imaging and evidence based practice is utilized.

Wound Care Practices:

  • Wound care clinics
  • Outpatient wound care centers
  • Traveling wound practitioner/consultant
  • Elderly care centers
  • Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF)

Dermatology Practices:

  • Dermatology clinics

PixaMed Platform Benefits:

  • Increased clinical efficiency
  • Better health outcomes
  • Higher patient satisfaction
  • Automatic and accurate digital lesion measurement and classification

PixaMed Platform:

PixaMed is a full clinical solution covering lesion imaging, patient encounter documentation, charting and record generation. PixaMed platform is composed of two components

  • A point of care mobile device
  • And a web portal where

Point of care mobile app:

  • Robust Provider log-in
  • Patient appointment list
  • Patient registration
  • Skin lesion registration with anatomical lesion locating
  • Patient referral activation
  • Patient vitals documentation
  • Skin lesion imaging and image analysis, real time lesion measurement and tissue classification
  • Full encounter documentation including, patient vitals, assessment, treatment, procedural and Action Plan

Web Portal:

  • Robust Provider log-in
  • Patient referral management and scheduling
  • Patient scheduling
  • Report generation
  • Video conferencing

Integrated electronic referral process and patient scheduling:

PixaMed elderly care and post acute nursing facilities can utilize Pixamed’s integrated paperless patient referral process to schedule a provider’s visit. Likewise a receiving provider institution can schedule a provider to visit a patient via pixaMed web portal.

Smart Imaging Technology:

PixaMed’s patented smart photo technology calibrated image for scale and color at capture time. A standard mobile device is utilized to capture images of skin lesions at bedside. Smart images are used for digital measurement, tissue classification, tracking and visual comparison.

Pixamed Security Features:

  • Patient data encryption in storage and in transit
  • Robust/complex password generation at registration
  • Wipe all patient data from mobile device on logout
  • Programmable inactive logout
  • User block feature, allows Administrator to block a rogue user from log-in
  • Leveled Access Control Management via Roles

Care Plan Management, Clinical Decision Support
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