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Pharmacy Services

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PipelineRx was founded on the big idea that advanced technology and well-designed processes can cost-effectively remove the barriers that limit Pharmacy's potential. Ultimately, the promise of these innovations is to free up pharmacists for more clinical activities and initiatives that advance Pharmacy's impact on patient care while reducing total cost.

PipelineRx helps you not just improve, but transform, your Pharmacy operation by providing flexible solutions and services built on the innovative PowerGridRx™ platform, including:

  • Remote telepharmacy services (day, night, and weekend coverage)
  • Next-generation medication queue management 
  • In-house staff balancing and emergency coverage and virtual support for nearby or rural hospitals

The PowerGridRx™ cloud-based, HIPAA-compliant platform makes it easier to strengthen your Telemedicine program, grow with your Pharmacy's needs, and achieve your hospital's vision. Designed by pharmacists for pharmacists, PipelineRx solutions allow you to:

  • Smooth out the peaks and valleys of demand
  • Provide 24—7 coverage in your own and/or nearby hospitals
  • Streamline and standardize workflow
  • Reduce medical errors
  • Capture data for reporting and analysis, and support best practices

Real change in healthcare requires real innovation. PipelineRx is not just a new way of managing the old processes. It's a new approach that helps you rethink your care model by enabling you to:

  • Reengineer your medication order workflow across your health system or network of hospitals.
  • Optimize your staff to spend more time on clinical initiatives and patient care
  • Add coverage of expert staff, delivered at a lower cost than you could get yourself.
  • Facilitate standardization of formularies, policies and procedures across your footprint.
  • Gain interoperability with athenahealth, while remaining agnostic to any hospital or pharmacy information system.

Pharmacy Services
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