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Phyzit TCM

Phyzit TCM

Transitional Care Management

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Transitional Care Management (TCM) is key in providing better health outcomes for patients and increased revenue for providers. Managing the requirements, however, does not match normal clinic workflows and can be confusing and time consuming. Phyzit TCM eases the process by automating organization and tracking of patients through their stages in TCM. It provides action and billing reminders throughout so you don’t miss approaching TCM deadlines. As a secure cloud-based software, Phyzit allows your office to easily access the program and monitor patients’ progress through the TCM period.

  • Easily track the complicated metrics required to bill for TCM
  • Increase provider revenue
  • Captures required documentation
  • Simplify and reduce clinic workload
  • Reduce unnecessary readmissions - improves patient outcomes

Timing is key when it comes to properly completing the metrics required to bill for TCM. With a high volume of patients coming through your clinic each month, it can be easy to lose track, fall behind, and miss billing opportunities. Phyzit’s intuitive dashboard visually displays where each patient is in the process so you can always see when deadlines are approaching and take action. Easily log each step in the process as it is completed, and generate a report at the end of the month detailing every patient you are able to bill for.

Track every step in the TCM process from the moment the patient is entered into Phyzit TCM to the 30th day after discharge, when the patient can be billed. Phyzit helps the clinic monitor the important dates and activities within the patient's transition of care. It bridges the gap between confusing TCM requirements and normal clinic workflow.

Secure Messaging: Phyzit offers HIPAA-compliant messaging and telemedicine, making it easy to communicate with patients in a variety of ways. It offers HIPAA-compliant video conferencing and HIPAA-compliant electronic messaging within the application.

Batched Billing: Phyzit TCM makes billing TCM and increasing revenue easy. At the end of the month, Phyzit TCM will generate a billing report and worksheet for all patients that your clinic is able to bill for TCM for the previous month.

Transitional Care Management, Patient Communications, Population Health Management
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