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Peachy Pay

Peachy Pay

Revenue Cycle Services

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Capabilities: Revenue Cycle Services

Peachy enables patients to pay their bills in a fast, affordable, and rewarding manner so that providers can get paid in full and on time. Peachy’s frictionless payment experience, optimized for patients, is simple, 21st-century billing that makes sense–no more bills lost in the mail, hard-to-access payment portals, or manually setting up payment plans–and one that helps your practice collect better.

To help your practice improve its patient responsibility collections, Peachy utilizes three key features:

Frictionless Digital Payments. Your patients get their bills via SMS and email, and in just a few clicks, can pay straight from their phone or computer. No app download or account creation needed. Providers receive payments directly and can manage payment terms and plans in a simple admin interface.

Automated Payment Plans. Provide a better experience for your patients by enabling affordable and convenient monthly payments without adding any extra work to your team’s plate. You’ll also be simultaneously increasing your ability to serve members of your community that may not be able to pay for healthcare in one lump-sum payment.

Positive Credit Reporting. Peachy incentivizes medical bill payment like no one has ever done before. Instead of paying medical bills to avoid negative consequences, like collection actions and credit score dings, Peachy incentivizes medical bill payment to generate positive consequences, as on-time and in full payments are reported positively to the major credit bureaus.

But Peachy doesn’t just improve your ability to collect; it also transforms your clinic into a magnet for patients seeking a patient-friendly, mobile-first payment experience. Thus, implementing Peachy’s digital billing process helps you (1) retain patients who might otherwise turn to your competitors and (2) attract new patients seeking a better healthcare experience.

While your patient panel is growing due to your new and improved payment experience, Peachy also helps you free up your staff’s time to focus on what really matters–patient care. Your staff shouldn’t need to manage bills and payment plans manually; your payment platform should do that for you. Peachy does just this, freeing up valuable time for your team.

Peachy is the billing solution built for healthcare providers who are ready to make collecting patient payments faster, easier, and more effective for their practice, while also making it more affordable and fulfilling for patients.

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