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Patient Promoter

Patient Promoter

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1 - 10 practices use this product.

Patient Promoter is a proven results-driven solution designed for healthcare practices to gain a competitive advantage in their local markets and provide practice intelligence for increased patient satisfaction. We help you sleep at night by taking care of what is most often ignored—measuring patient satisfaction and improving your online reputation. The patient experience starts before they ever get to your practice. Patients are making decisions about your practice through review sites like Yelp, social media sites like Facebook, and basic keyword searches on Google. Your online reputation is too important to leave to chance. We have developed a proprietary system that uses industry leading metrics to measure your patient experience, generate real 5-star reviews on the sites that matter, and provide real-time reporting for aligning your practice around patient satisfaction.

  • Measure the Patient Experience. Check the blood pressure of your practice. Single question, high-response rate. A simple, practical measure of what your patients think and feel about your practice. Common language to create an environment focused on satisfaction.
  • Improve Practice Reputation. Use Your Best Patients to Help Generate New Ones. Automated system designed for medical practices to generate 5-Star patient reviews. Helps preempt negative reviews by asking patients “How could we have done better.” Only “Promoters” are sent to review sites.
  • Capture Patient Feedback. When you listen to patients, great things happen. Identify and prioritize voiced needs and wants from the patients. Using real-time reporting, you can empower the entire practice to start thinking about their role in the patient journey.

Patient satisfaction the lifeblood of any healthcare practice. Online reviews on websites like Yelp have completely altered and revolutionized how patients approach selecting and referring a doctor. Patient Promoter solves this headache and provides valuable practice intelligence in the process.

We are real people and are here to help. Our goal is to help practices view the patient experience from the eyes of the patient. A satisfied patient is the foundation of a thriving practice.

  • Personalized Service: Account setup and activation is simple and painless. Our client relations specialist will hold your hand and get you started quickly and always be there for you when you have questions.
  • Automated Process: We can start sending out the standardized Patient Promoter email immediately. A single question answered directly in the email that generates a high-response rate.
  • See Data in Real-Time: View your patient experience data in your personalized dashboard and custom reports as soon as your results start coming in.

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