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Patient Education Genius

Patient Education Genius

Patient Education

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“Patient Education Genius is a great tool for a clinical practice. I believe it has increased productivity and patient satisfaction along with the health literacy of my patients.” - Jackson Sobbing, DO, Associates in Women’s Health, Wichita, Kansas

What if you could market your practice online at the exact same time that you educate your patients at the point of care – without any extra steps?

What if you didn’t have to worry about managing your online reputation, and could finally focus on caring for your patients?

Patient Education Genius streamlines your point-of-care workflow, digitizes your patient education efforts, improves your patient satisfaction and boosts your practice’s online reputation – all at the exact same time. By automating your practice’s patient engagement and outreach, Patient Education Genius adds zero additional steps to your clinical workflow, and allows you to focus on what matters: Taking care of your patients.

  • Automatic patient engagement

    Just pick the education you want your patients to review. We will take care of the rest – including cost-saving, business-boosting communications to your patients. Our automated communication channels – including text messaging, chatbots, and more – are customized to address your practice’s challenges, from opioid abuse to patient satisfaction scores.

  • Deliver education via email or text

    With Patient Education Genius, you can digitally deliver education to your patients in seconds. No need for printers, copiers and fax machines – everyone is on the same page.

  • Boost your online reputation

    Our automated communication channels encourage enthusiastic patients to give your providers a positive review on Healthgrades and other online physician directories. When your patients have a negative experience, we triage their feedback and send it to your office – before it makes it to the web.

  • Upload and send your own documents

    Unlike most patient education solutions, Patient Education Genius allows you to upload and send your own materials – discharge instructions, surveys, fact sheets, and anything else you used to print and hand to your patient.

  • Redefine your brand, reinforce your patients’ loyalty

    All Patient Education Genius patient communications feature your logo, your photo, and any other brand messages that it is important that you reinforce with your patients. Without adding any additional work to your staff’s workflow, Patient Education Genius hammers your marketing messages home.

  • Amazing open rates

    With no passwords, accounts, or downloads necessary, Patient Education Genius makes it easy for your patients to receive and follow your instructions. That’s why we lead the industry with amazing open rates. Materials can be accessed by patients anywhere, at anytime, and are easily shared with caregivers and family members.

  • Discover a world of patient education

    Finding relevant patient education materials can be difficult and time-consuming. With Patient Education Genius, locate materials quickly with predictive search, and add them to your Favorites folder to access later. Our ever-growing library of over 30,000 educational materials covers every medical specialty.

  • Track your patient engagement, automatically

    By automatically tracking what materials were sent to every patient - and documenting whether those materials were opened or not - Patient Education Genius allows you to monitor your patients’ engagement in their care and follow up. If they haven’t opened their materials, reminder emails are sent automatically to make sure they do.

  • Documentation helps meet payor requirements

    All education delivered to patients is documented within the patient record, creating a longitudinal “health education history.” This robust data about your patients benefits every stage of the healthcare value chain, from improving clinical decision-making to streamlining claims processing and mitigating risk.

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