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Prescription Management


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Most states require prescribers to check the Prescription Drug Monitoring Program (PDMP) before prescribing controlled substances. PastRx speeds retrieval of PDMP information from over four minutes to a few seconds.(1)

  • Use alerts configured to your practice, maps, and charts to increase clarity and improve confidence in your clinical decisions.
  • Faster retrieval of PDMP information through integration with athenaClinicals® and prefetching data.
  • Improved evaluation of PDMP data through alerts, maps, and graphs and the ability to drill down for more detail.
  • Reduced alert fatigue by configuring PastRx alerts to your practice.

PastRx provides a fast, clear way to assess patient controlled substance history. This helps identify risks sooner and provides information that goes beyond the patient’s EHR history.

PastRx provides PDMP information as follows:

  1. All PastRx activities use single sign on – only logging into athenaClinicals® is required.
  2. Clinical Inbox - PastRx PDMP reports appear as clinical documents in the s as a clinical document in the Clinical Inbox.
  3. Patient’s Chart – PastRx PDMP report appears as a clinical document in the patient’s chart. Click “Find” and see the report or search for “PastRx”.
  4. PastRx Service - Access the PastRx service via the “hamburger” button under “Third party applications.” Type PastRx in the search window or just click on PastRx. This will launch the PastRx service in a separate tab for interactive charts, maps, and the full PastRx experience.
  5. Non-clinician PastRx service access – From the Patient Quick View screen under “Medical Files” select “PastRx” to launch the PastRx service.

(1) Survey conducted by Brandeis University PDMP Center of Excellence and The Pew Charitable Trusts from November to December 2015

Prescription Management, Clinical Decision Support, Population Health Management
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