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PaceMate LIVE

PaceMate LIVE

Care Plan Management


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1 - 10 practices use this product.

The PaceMate™ athenahealth Advantage

  • Ease of EHR integration: PaceMate™’s EHR integration can be completed within 3-5 days
  • PaceMate™LIVE dashboard provides a workflow solution for remote, point-of-care, and in-person cardiac data management
  • EHR patient information with accurate demographic data eliminates patient matching issues and drastically reduces data entry
  • Through customized APIs, PaceMate™ provides instant integration of clinical documentation reportsPaceMate’s platform automatically generates appropriate CPT codes, matches with patient-specific diagnosis codes, and electronically creates and sends claims to all payers immediately upon e-signature by provider
  • Automated billing saves clinics thousands of manual hours and generates a substantial increase in clinic revenue
  • Proprietary technology was built and developed in-house by PaceMate™, allowing us to continually customize data and workflow

Device management. Streamlined workflow. EHR integration. Revenue capture. Predictive analytics. Better patient outcomes. Learn more at PaceMate.com or call today.

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