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Quality Management / Performance

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  • Pain Management Specialist
  • Multi Specialty
  • Orthopedic Surgery


Capabilities: Quality Management / Performance

OutcomeMD seamlessly scores and tracks changes in patient’s symptoms over time using medically validated Patient Reported Outcome Measures across all medical specialties. The platform helps providers improve care in profound ways, and leverages their good outcomes to publicly ignite positive word of mouth. OutcomeMD helps providers effortlessly elevate and celebrate their outcomes!

Better understand your patients from day one and inform decisions throughout their journey.

• OutcomeMD improves your ability to efficiently and effectively care for patients. We use medically valid Patient Reported Outcome (PRO) measures to score and track patient’s symptoms in a way that they love. The patient and clinician can now fully understand how symptoms change over time and improve their shared medical decision-making process.

Patients with good outcomes love their doctors. We help them spread the word!

• OutcomeMD enables patients with good outcomes to post their results to their own social media and to their healthcare provider’s review sites. These posts are objective, not subjective, empowering providers to switch focus from patient catering to patient care.

Patients can now track their outcome like they’d track their fitness!

• Our fitness-tracker-like experience inspires patients to score and track their symptoms, aligning the patient and clinician as a team for a more connected, personalized health journey. This leads to more engaged, compliant, happier patients and naturally increases remote follow up rates.

All healthcare professionals can now embrace outcome tracking because it is finally simple, purposeful, and profitable!

• Now that there are clear clinical and monetary reasons to track outcomes, all providers are motivated to participate. This inclusiveness delivers large sample sizes of unbiased data to inform best practices, population health, value-based care, quality improvement, research and more. Tracking outcomes improves outcomes!

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